Nancy Lee Grahn Shares Passionate Plea About Tyler Christopher After ‘General Hospital’ Star’s Arrest

Craig SjodinABC

Fans of actor Tyler Christopher are reeling on Wednesday after news emerged detailing that he had been arrested on charges of public intoxication in Indiana earlier this week. Now, his former General Hospital co-star, Nancy Lee Grahn, is sharing a serious and passionate plea about the situation via her Twitter page.

Nancy shared her post as a Twitter reply to the initial TMZ report about the arrest of the soap opera star. She blasted the initial report, which described Tyler’s arrest as something that came after a night of celebrating his birthday. The actor has been open in the past regarding his struggles with alcohol addiction, and Nancy is clearly quite worried about his well-being in the wake of this week’s arrest.

The General Hospital and Days of Our Lives veteran was apparently arrested on his 47th birthday. However, details have emerged over the course of the past few hours that seem to signal Tyler’s arrest came after anything but a joyful evening outing.

“I say this with love but I can assure you that Tyler wasn’t out having ‘birthday fun.’ He has a horrible disease. Tyler is at risk of losing his life if he doesn’t get help, maintain treatment & work a program and there’s nothing fun about it. He needs help not exposure,” Nancy wrote in her social media post.

It looks as if quite a few General Hospital fans fully support the sentiments Nancy shared.

“Thank you for saying it! People treat this disease like it’s a choice! I hope he gets the help he needs! I lost a brother to alcoholism & it’s an ugly thing for everyone to have to live with!” wrote one person in response to Nancy’s post.

“It’s a horrible disease and I can’t imagine what it takes to seek help. I hope he gets the help he needs, the first step is wanting it. It’s heartbreaking what alcoholism can do to someone. He deserves our compassion and love not judgement [sic],” wrote another person.

Numerous other General Hospital fans added their own supportive notes on Twitter after Nancy’s tweet. Many shared that they think Tyler is an incredibly gifted actor. A common theme is that everybody is hoping that the actor can take care of this worrisome situation before something even worse happens.

At this point, the details of Tyler’s alleged intoxication issues in recent weeks appear to remain unconfirmed by the actor, or anybody close to him. Regardless, many who have followed the soap opera star’s career over the years know that he’s been fairly open about his personal troubles with alcohol, and these loyal fans are concerned over what has emerged so far.

Overall, it definitely appears that General Hospital fans are stepping up to lend their support to Tyler, rather than to criticize him. Until just a few weeks ago, many were rooting for the actor to return to his former GH role of Nikolas Cassadine. It’s since been revealed that the show tapped actor Marcus Coloma for the gig instead.

According to People, Tyler’s representative has so far held back from commenting on the reports of his arrest. The General Hospital and Days of Our Lives actor himself has not posted anything to his social media accounts for the past several months.