WWE News: Vince McMahon Reportedly ‘Lit Up’ In Front Of President Trump


Several WWE superstars have incurred Wellness Policy violations throughout the years for smoking marijuana. In some cases — Rob Van Dam, Sabu, etc. — they’ve even lost their jobs because of it. However, the policy apparently doesn’t extend to company officials. As quoted by Wrestling Inc., Chris Jericho and former WWE writer Court Bauer recently sat down for an interview on the former’s podcast, and Y2J recalled a time when Vince McMahon “lit up” in front of President Trump.

“I remember one time Vince told me that they were watching some concert or something at Trump New Jersey, whatever it was called. Whatever the arena was called, Trump Arena. And Vince was sitting there with Linda, Donald, and all the heads of state, and Vince lit up a joint and Trump was like, ‘you can’t smoke that joint in here!’ And Vince goes, ‘I just did!'”

McMahon and Trump have been friends and business collaborators for years, so perhaps the WWE chairman felt comfortable smoking in front of him. Trump is a WWE Hall of Famer who has appeared on the company’s television shows various times throughout the years, and the McMahon family have donated millions to the POTUS’s political campaigns.

Bauer told Jericho what it was like to work with Trump behind the scenes during the “Battle of the Billionaires” storyline in the lead-up to WrestleMania 23. The former writer described it as an “interesting” experience and believes that the president learned a lot from professional wrestling that prepared him for his political run.

According to Bauer, during Trump’s early WWE days, he won hostile audiences over by having money rain from the ceiling of the arena, which was essentially his way of giving the fans something they wanted. The former writer believes that his method to win support from WWE fans isn’t too dissimilar to the promises that politicians make to win voters.

Bauer also noted more parallels between pro wrestling and politics in the sense that participants in both realms brand themselves through catchphrases that appeal to the public. Furthermore, wrestling storylines are built around trash talking opponents, which politicians often do to each other during debates.

Trump has been absent from WWE television since being elected, and the company has tried to remain apolitical by avoiding any mention of his name on the shows. However, as The Inquisitr reported earlier this year, there were rumors of him appearing on the inaugural episode of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX.