Bulgarian Bombshell Yanita Yancheva Flaunts Shapely Back While Doing Laundry Topless

Yanita YanchevaInstagram

Fitness model Yanita Yancheva put her fabulous back on display in her latest Instagram update, which showed her doing laundry while topless.

In the snap, the blond beauty was standing in her laundry room in front of a stackable washer and dryer unit. The camera captured her from behind with the dryer door open, as she reached into the appliance and pulled out an article of clothing.

The beauty wore a pair of high-rise, pink yoga pants, and had her hair pulled over one shoulder, in a pose that put her chiseled back on display. The defined muscles in her lats made her waist look slim as she placed one hand on the wall beside her. Her tight pants also helped draw attention to her enviable hourglass shape. Also on display was the model’s toned arms.

Yanita looked off to the side, allowing a tiny bit of her profile to be seen. But it was clear that this photo was all about her physique — specifically her back, which she has obviously worked hard to tone and strengthen. Her smooth skin glowed in the light as shadow played down the curve of her spine.

In the post’s caption, Yanita mentioned it was laundry day. She also plugged Body Engineers, the company that made the pants she was wearing.

Her followers were impressed with the shot, and within an hour of going live, it racked up more than 17,000 likes.

Many of Yanita’s female followers said that her back was their goal, while others chimed in on how sensational she looked.

“What a musculature! Too sensual and desirable you are, darling!” one fan commented.

“Your husband is so lucky to be able to walk up behind you and see that incredible body,” quipped a second admirer.

“Shape of beauty,” wrote a third fan.

One follower even showed a sense of humor about seeing the blond bombshell do laundry.

“Please wash my clothes too,” they joked.

Yanita isn’t so much known for washing clothes as she is for looking good in them. Her Instagram page is a collection of snaps that show her modeling an array of outfits. While the beauty seems to be partial to bikinis, she also likes to show off her figure in sexy mini dresses and active wear.

Unsurprisingly, much of the workout clothing she wears comes from Body Engineers, the company she helps run with husband Tavi Castro. She also models for fashion brands Andi Bagus and Meshki.