Demi Lovato Fans Worried About Her Sobriety Amidst Austin Wilson Relationship Reveal

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Demi Lovato has a new man in her life, and his name is Austin Wilson. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer revealed the news on Tuesday via a black-and-white Instagram photo in which Austin is kissing her cheek. While some of her fans — collectively known as the “Lovatics” — seemed happy that Demi has found love, others expressed concern about Austin. Many openly wondered how he’d affect the sobriety journey she has been on since her reported near-fatal drug overdose last year.

“If she is trying to avoid the drug life, I don’t think this is how you do it,” one Instagram user wrote

“You already know she’s going back to drugs after dating this guy,” another added.

It appears that some of the concern about Austin revolves around the fact that he is heavily tattooed. In the photo Demi shared, the 25-year-old male model is shirtless, allowing the viewer to clearly see that most of his torso is inked. He’s also sporting tattoos on his neck and face.

“Dating a guy with tattoos all over his face, you’re soo much better than that Demi,” one person commented.

Another commenter said that Austin “smokes” in his photos on Instagram and implied that he is a downgrade compared to Demi’s previous suitor, former The Bachelorette contestant Mike Johnson.

“This can’t be the Christian and sober guy she’s looking for,” they wrote. “She seemed better with Mike.”

More than a few other commenters agreed that Mike was a better choice for Demi than Austin.

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As of writing, Demi has not replied to any of the concerned reactions from fans about her new beau. Some fans supporting the relationship have been defending him in the comments section of the post. Some of those comments pointed out that tattoos do not automatically mean that someone is using drugs. Others encouraged the concerned fans to trust that Demi is making the best decision for herself in dating Austin.

There appears to be no word yet on exactly how long Austin and Demi have been in a relationship. As Elle reports, she broke up with Mike Johnson in October, so the relationship with Austin may have started right after that. As CNN reports, Austin and Demi had a friend in common, which could indicate that they ran in the same social circle before their romance began. The friend, Thomas Trussell III, died of a drug overdose last month.