Tyler Christopher’s Arrest Allegedly Comes After A Period Of Escalating & Troubling Behavior

Christopher PolkGetty Images

New details have emerged regarding the arrest of former General Hospital star Tyler Christopher. The 47-year-old actor was reportedly arrested Monday night in Indiana after allegedly being publicly intoxicated. Now, reports suggest that the soap opera star’s life has been in a downward spiral for some time.

Initial reports revealed that Tyler had been arrested in Martinsville, Indiana on his birthday earlier this week. Since those initial details emerged, TMZ has gathered quite a bit of additional information.

The outlet explains that they have reviewed additional legal documents that they acquired since the early morning revelations about Tyler’s arrest. Apparently, the former General Hospital and Days of Our Lives star had also been the subject of a call to police a few days prior to his arrest, on November 8.

That earlier call was also connected to the actor allegedly being publicly intoxicated. It seems that he was seen at a Walgreens store, trying to get into someone else’s vehicle. The police arrived and detailed that Tyler was bleeding from the bridge of his nose and believed that he may have hit his head. The mug shot that TMZ shared of this week’s arrest does show an injury of some sort on the actor’s nose.

Police chose not to arrest Tyler during the November 8 encounter. Instead, they took him to a hospital emergency room for treatment. He allegedly did a breath test for police prior to being taken to the ER and was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.267 percent, which is more than three times the legal limit.

Sadly, documents are said to show that the police had received an additional nine calls going back as far as September 14 about Tyler. Apparently, all of these involved alleged intoxication issues.

The soap opera star was admitted to the hospital to receive additional medical treatment after the November 8 incident. However, he reportedly checked himself out on Monday this week against the advice of the medical team. It appears that within a matter of hours, he was arrested again.

This week’s arrest came after an Uber driver called the authorities. The driver said that Tyler had passed out in the back of his Uber ride as he was being driven home. The General Hospital star reportedly had two bottles of bourbon on him at that time, one of which he’d partially consumed.

Tyler has spoken about his issues with alcohol addiction before. He started having problems as a teen and had to step away from acting gigs more than once over the years to cope with setbacks. He explained that a relapse was central to his departure last year from Days of Our Lives.

A few months ago when Tyler spoke about his sobriety and new work projects in Arkansas, he seemed to be doing well. He has been entirely off of social media for several months though and based on these new reports, it would seem that he has slipped into a difficult place in his life once again. General Hospital and Days of Our Lives fans are hopeful that this latest incident can be a catalyst for the actor to accept help and turn things around once more.