Sharna Burgess Teases New Project As She Seemingly Puts 'Dancing With The Stars' Behind Her

Stacy Carey

Former Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Sharna Burgess is throwing herself into a new project of some sort and her fans are anxious to know more. It looks like the departed DWTS pro isn't able to share much about what she's working on yet, but it certainly looks like she is having a blast.

Late Tuesday night, Sharna posted a photo on Instagram that teased some tidbits about her project. The photo included Julz Tocker and Britt Stewart, dancers who have also been connected to Dancing with the Stars over the years. The three were all holding up fortunes they had received in cookies and Sharna was laughingly sticking her tongue out as Julz and Britt smiled.

Sharna wrote a lengthy caption to go along with this photo, but she still left her fans hanging in terms of specifics. Apparently, Sharna, Julz, and Britt have spent the week together working as a team on a new show of some nature.

Britt's latest Instagram post came on Tuesday and teased that she was facing a new week and a new adventure. She noted in the geotag that she was in Los Angeles, and it appeared that she was in a large, open studio.

In Julz's latest Instagram stories, he provided what might be a few additional hints about this project. He revealed that he had been spending time on the Queen Mary, a California attraction that is supposedly haunted.

Unfortunately, that is all that Sharna, Julz, and Britt seemed willing to tell fans about this project at this point. Could it be the concept that she teased after her DWTS departure?

As Sharna told ET Online a couple of months ago, she and fellow ousted Dancing with the Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev have been building a pitch for a live show they would do together.

Sharna said that it would involve acting and dancing and be "different, wild and creative."

Fans should find out soon whether the project the dancer teased this week on Instagram is the same show she was developing earlier this fall.

Back in late August, it was revealed that Sharna would not be included in Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars. This came as a big surprise to DWTS fans and seemed to surprise the dancer, too. However, she insisted that everything happens for a reason and she even showed up in the audience of the fall premiere.

Fans of Sharna's will be anxious to find out more about this new project, as whatever it is appears to be something quite fun.