Briana DeJesus Gets Candid About Breakup With Boyfriend: ‘I Hope One Day He Can Forgive Me’

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On the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, fans watched as Briana DeJesus talked about her relationship with her long-distance boyfriend. After the show, she took to social media to open up and explain to her fans what happened that may not have been shown by the cameras.

The episode showed Briana purchasing a home in Florida that she intended to live in with her two daughters as well as her mom and sister. She further explained her purchase to her followers on Twitter. She said that she bought the home spontaneously and claimed it was because she had been spending her money “foolishly.”

Briana said she “couldn’t wait any longer.”

She admitted that when she bought the house, she had her family in mind and that was when she realized that she no longer wanted to be dating her boyfriend.

Despite realizing she didn’t want to be in a relationship, she got real about her feelings and expressed how much she had actually loved him.

“I loved that man with every inch in me and I cried real tears behind camera but he wasn’t for me. I’m happy with my decision on purchasing a home for my kids. I can always find a man later town [SIC] the road. My focus is my fams,” she wrote on Twitter.

Briana further wrote about the relationship and admitted that she may not have communicated things well.

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“I didn’t communicate my feelings well. I self sabotage. And I never really wanted to be in a relationship. I just liked the thought of it. I feel a lot better now,” she wrote.

After a follower called her out for leading on her boyfriend for so long, Briana replied, “I know. I hope one day he can forgive me.”

Although fans are just now getting to watch Briana purchase a home, she has been vocal about her decision for quite some time. She made the decision earlier this year and has been sharing updates about the home, which is currently being built. While she has said that she will be living there with her two daughters, her mom, and her sister, Briana admitted that eventually the house will be just for her mom. She revealed that in a few years, she plans on buying a home for just herself and her two daughters, but she currently wants to make sure that her mom is situated.