Blake Shelton Says ‘It Could Get Disgusting’ After Seeing Gwen Stefani In A Mini Dress

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Blake Shelton just couldn’t get enough when he saw his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, all dressed up for another round of The Voice before the show went live on November 12. The country star seriously gushed over his love of four years as they both prepared for the first Live Playoff results, and it’s safe to say that he wasn’t afraid to let the world know. He admitted his choice of words “could get disgusting” after he saw her looking seriously stunning in a mini dress.

As reported by Hollywood Life, Blake got very candid when it came to his compliments for Gwen, and she uploaded the whole exchange to her Instagram stories. In the clip, which appeared to have been filmed by one of Gwen’s entourage, the “God’s Country” star admitted that the singer and his fellow The Voice coach looked totally “delicious.”

“Look at that. Doesn’t she look like a delicious ball of cotton candy? Delicious,” Blake said of Gwen in the video as she exited the car that dropped both of them off at the studio.

The gorgeous 50-year-old mom of three then flashed a very big smile for the camera as she heard her boyfriend’s sweet words and even did a big twirl to show off her unique dress.

But the country singer wasn’t quite done.

Blake continued his compliment session as he headed inside the studio with his signature black plastic cup in hand. He admitted that things could get a little NSFW if he kept on gushing about his girlfriend.

“I could go further into that but it could get disgusting,” he teased.

For the latest live episode of the NBC talent search, Gwen went full-on girlie chic as she slipped into her short pink mini dress, which she proudly showed off in the video.

The very fun design was made up of hundreds of floaty feathers that were all different shades of pink and flounced around as she twirled. She flashed a little leg, as the No Doubt singer paired the look with knee-high, white, high-heeled boots.

Gwen wore her long, blond hair up and away from her face in a slicked-back ponytail that stretched all the way down her back.

She also kept things equally glam with her jewelry as she rocked a pair of dangling and very sparkly silver earrings with a sparkly pink necklace. The star stacked several bracelets on both of her wrists.

Gwen rocked her signature heavy eyeliner on her eyes and also rocked a glossy pale pink lip that matched her bold dress.

The latest sweet moment between her and Blake comes shortly after Gwen was forced to deny that they’re engaged. Speculation began again when she sported a huge diamond ring on her left hand ring finger while attending the E! People’s Choice Awards with her man over the weekend.