Bella Hadid Flaunts Sideboob In Unzipped Jacket For An Androgynous Look

Vittorio Zunino CelottoGetty Images

Bella Hadid shared a new Instagram update yesterday, and it showed her rocking an unzipped jacket. The stunner was shirtless, which meant that her sideboob was on display. The leather piece featured a high collar and a curved zipper that angled down the side of her body. It featured a bulky sleeve, which also had a zipper. The jacket was also cropped so that her midriff could be seen. The model completed her look with a pair of tiny, black spandex shorts.

In addition, Bella wore a wig with short, black hair. This was mostly what attributed to the androgynous look. Plus, her natural beauty shined through, as she appeared to be wearing hardly any makeup. At the least, she rocked lipstick and blush and she didn’t wear any eyeshadow or mascara. The simplicity extended to her accessories, as she didn’t seem to be wearing any.

There were two photos in the set, with the first showing Bella posing with her body angled towards the camera. The shot offered a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot, considering that someone could be spotted to the left, while silver hardware could be seen on the right. The backdrop was light gray. The model gave a serious look with her lips closed and placed her hands on her jacket and shorts.

The second photo showed Bella in almost the same pose, except this time, her chest was on display a little more. Luckily, she was able to censor the shot with clever placement of her jacket. She glanced to her left, while someone’s elbow could be seen on the left side of the frame, which may have been the photographer.

Fans left their compliments for the bombshell in the comments section.

“THIS ALONE COULD SET ME ON FIRE,” gushed a follower.

“I love it! My favorite shot of you,” expressed an admirer.

Others made comparisons.

“Thought this was kris jenner,” noted a fan.

“Is it just me or she looks like tokyo from money heist here,” asked a fourth Instagram user, whose comment was liked over 30 times.

In addition, the model had fans talking when she shared photos of her Halloween costume a couple of weeks ago. She went as Catwoman and rocked a sexy black bodysuit for the occasion. The suit featured white stitching accents throughout. She also wore a proper mask and seemingly got into character to emulate the superhero’s looks and personality. Bella rocked bright red lipstick, which added an eye-catching pop of color to her ensemble.