‘Sports Illustrated’ Bombshell Brooks Nader Reveals Her Chipped Front Tooth On Instagram

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Sports Illustrated bombshell, Brooks Nader, shared a series of new Instagram stories that revealed an unfortunate update: she had chipped her front tooth.

“Happened 1 hour after wrap,” noted the model in the captions of the first story, which was geotagged at the Miami International Airport.

She smiled in the photo, revealing that she was missing a chunk out of her front, right tooth. She didn’t go into detail about how she happened to chip her tooth, but the photoshoot she was referring to is likely the holiday-related shoot she shared in her stories. The stunner shared behind-the-scenes clips, as she rocked a cleavage-baring red dress. She also focused on showing off the dazzling diamond jewelry that she sported for the gig.

At any rate, she shared another photo of an older man sitting next to her at a bar. She glanced at her as she took the photo.

“‘Sooo uhh.., what’s up with the tooth? Where ya from?'” said the captions.

“Uhh….. scuse me is that a Louisiana joke?!!!” she added.

It was clear that Brooks wasn’t going to let the chip ruin her day, as she continued to joke about her new look. In another photo, she smiled while holding a glass of red wine. Plus, the stunner shared a screenshot of a FaceTime session with her parents, who were seen laughing uncontrollably.

Finally, Brooks started sharing some of her fan art, as people started Photoshopping her old Sports Illustrated photos. Savvy followers managed to make it appear as though she had the same chipped tooth back then.

“I hate y’all for these edits you’re sending/ tagging me in,” she joked.

Brooks already revealed that she’s headed to the dentist to get it fixed, so it’s likely that she won’t have to deal with her blemished smile for long. And this is going to be good news for her dedicated fans, who have come to know her dazzling smile. Perhaps the model will share more updates in the next day or so, as she heads to the dentist’s chair.

And while the model has been busy wrapping up a holiday-themed photoshoot, she has also recently been sharing the results of her shoot with SI. This included an update from yesterday, where she rocked a sheer bikini in Bali. The top was white and left little to the imagination, which she paired with high-waisted bikini bottoms. A video also showed her posing while holding onto a rock formation as she stood in the ocean.