Fitness Model Jen Selter Shows Off Her Washboard Abs During Sweaty Beach Workout

David BeckerGetty Images

Jen Selter is running a giveaway for her fans and promoting it the best way she knows how — by showing off her washboard abs on the beach.

The fitness model took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce a giveaway run through some of her promotional partners, showing off a video of herself using a personal blender and then heading to the beach for a sweaty workout. Wearing some very form-fitting lime green workout gear, Jen showed off her well-toned stomach as she went through a full exercise routine on an otherwise-empty beach. The clips highlighted her famously fit stomach, with the exercises allowing her abs to play to the camera.

The video was a huge hit with fans, garnering more than 60,000 likes. It also got scores of comments from those entering the giveaway and others just giving Jen some props for looking so great.

“I’m into those abs…” one person wrote.

“get it girlll,” another added.

The post that Jen shared on Tuesday called on fans to follow the other companies in order to enter the giveaway, and the viral attention that the body-baring post garnered likely gave them some big exposure. She has a close connection to each of the companies as well. Jen’s bio notes that she is a co-owner of BlendJet, the personal blender she featured in the video, and is an “elite trainer” with the Fitplan app (which also posted a video of Jen on its Instagram page).

The setup seems to be very lucrative for Selter, who is considered one of the highest-paid fitness models on Instagram. As the fitness and weight-lifting magazine Generation Iron noted, Jen has an estimated net worth of $3 million. The publication added that she has crossed over outside of social media stardom to make television appearances promoting health and fitness products.

It also pointed out one of the main reasons for her popularity.

“Jen Selter has become incredibly famous thanks to her pear-shaped butt,” the report noted.

The giveaway post from Tuesday comes from one of the model’s favorite settings, as Jen has plenty of other posts showing off her famous physique on the beach. In another Instagram post from last month, Jen rocked a tiny silver bikini as she stood in the waves at Manhattan Beach, California. The fitness model used the post to offer some words of encouragement to her fans.

“Results happen over time, NOT over night!! Work hard, stay consistent, and be patient with yourself!!” she wrote.