Kristen Doute's Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Brian Carter May Have Prompted Her Feud With Stassi Schroeder

Kristen Doute and Brian Carter's relationship caused friction between Doute and her co-stars during the seventh season of Vanderpump Rules and according to a new report, that friction seems to have boiled over onto the series' upcoming eighth season.

Last week, following the release of the official Season 8 trailer, E! News shared a report with readers in regard to what is to come and revealed that Doute and Carter's relationship will be a point of contention between Doute and other members of the show after it becomes "too much."

The outlet also revealed that Doute and Stassi Schroeder's friendship was at a standstill as Schroeder and Katie Maloney were left to decide whether or not they truly love Doute unconditionally, or whether they prefer to move on from their years-long friendship with her.

During last season's show, Doute and Carter's relationship became a hot topic for Schroeder and Maloney, both of whom appeared to be quite frustrated with the way Carter was treating their friend. The two women even embarked on a war of words with Carter during a visit to the apartment they were sharing at the time.

That apartment, as fans will recall, was a point of contention between Doute and Carter because Doute felt that she was paying more of the bills for the home they were sharing. While Doute did vent to her co-stars about how she was feeling regarding the dynamic between herself and Carter, she didn't appreciate it when the ladies brought up the issue.

After filming on Vanderpump Rules Season 7 was complete, Doute confirmed that she and Carter had parted ways at the reunion special but because she and Carter continued to be seen with one another, as The Inquisitr previously reported, many suspected they had never actually split.

Following months of speculation into whether or not Doute and Carter were secretly dating, Doute took to her Instagram page to confirm that after months of back and forth, she and Carter were going their separate ways.

"I've been called a hypocrite, a villain, for not communicating what has been going on between us because it has been just that... between us. But we both deserve this weight to be lifted, so this is our version of a conscious uncoupling," she explained.

"Carter and I both know and have come to terms that our new label is friends - full of the utmost love and respect. He's one of the most wonderful people I've ever known," she added.