‘Days Of Our Lives’ Star Chandler Massey Speaks Out About The Shocking Contract Cuts & Hiatus

Chris HastonNBC

Days of Our Lives star Chandler Massey is clearing up some rumors when it comes to the soap’s future. Fans were stunned on Tuesday when they found out that the show had terminated all of the contracts for the actors before heading off on a long hiatus.

However, Chandler is trying to calm the audience, revealing that the wild move isn’t all that shocking and claiming that it certainly doesn’t mean that the 54-year-old soap opera is about to get canceled.

Chandler assured viewers that the show was simply going on hiatus so that production could catch up to what fans are seeing on television, which was filmed over six months ago.

“We’re not being cancelled. We are pausing production because we are so far ahead of schedule (and it saves us $). ‘Days’ will still air during the entire hiatus, so you won’t miss anything,” the actor tweeted on Tuesday afternoon, after the news had made the rounds online.

This message offered viewers a sigh of relief, as many had started to freak out about the long-running soap getting canned like so many other fan-favorite sudsers in the past. Currently, DOOL is one of just four surviving soap operas, including The Bold & The Beautiful, Young & The Restless, and General Hospital.

“Thank You so glad you cleared that up because I’m seeing to many people freaking out on my timeline,” one fan replied to Chandler’s message.

“Thanks for telling us. I was so worried!” another viewer stated.

“Thank you so much for sharing this information,” a third person wrote.

Meanwhile, popular Days informer Jason47 told fans on Facebook that they need to calm down. He explained that the contract cancellations are simply a technicality to save money for the production.

“With most contract cycles only being 13 weeks, and the show going on hiatus for more than 13 weeks, this was the only possible option,” Jason told his Facebook followers.

It seemed that everyone was talking about the fate of the soap opera following the original TVLine report on Tuesday morning, and DOOL even began to trend on Twitter.

Although the news looked bleak at first, it appears that things are not as dire as viewers had first thought. With all of the media attention currently circling around the show — and the introduction of its hot new time jump storyline — it looks like the soap is more talked about now that it has been in years, which could end up being another good reason for NBC to renew the beloved TV program.

Days of Our Lives is currently in the middle of some exciting new plots as November sweeps starts, and fans are hoping for some renewal news to officially ease their minds.