Justin Amash Says Congress Is A ‘Totally Corrupt’ System

Bill PuglianoGetty Images

Independent Justin Amash, who was the first Republican to call for Donald Trump‘s impeachment, was recently spotlighted by Andy Kroll for Rolling Stone. For part of the research, Kroll followed Amash to a series of town halls in his Michigan district this summer and spoke about the story the 39-year-old congressman told his constituents.

In one story, Amash recalled party leaders handing members bills on the House floor that notified them of the money they owed to keep their seats on a particular committee. According to Amash, it’s a “totally corrupt” system.

“You either fall in line and the party apparatus supports you, or if you have independent thoughts, you are punished, criticized, and attacked even by your own party.”

The libertarian-leaning independent claims that the legislative process was broken before Donald Trump was elected but notes that the system has worsened under his presidency. Amash points to his friends in the House Freedom Caucus — which he eventually left — and their disinterest with the goals the group was founded on. He suggests they now focus on simply appeasing Trump.

“I used to feel like I had more people who were willing to stand up for the right thing,” Amash said.

“In recent years and especially in recent months, people have capitulated and allowed the system to consume them.”

Amash claims that the Republican Party used to be focused on economic freedom, individual liberty, and members of Congress caring about the Constitution and the role of government. Now, he says, everything comes down to one question, “how much do you support Trump?”

Amash also spoke to Kroll about a presidential run, which rumors suggested he is considering. Although the congressman claims it’s a possibility, he suggests it’s something that would only come to fruition if he were “very confident” he could win.

“And so if you were to see me get into the race it means that I’m confident I can win the race.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Amash has continued to be critical of Trump as well as his Republican colleagues in Congress. Before the House vote on a resolution for the impeachment probe — which passed by a vote of 232-196 — Amash warned Republicans about their continued support for Trump. He suggested that history will not be kind to their “disingenuous, frivolous, and false defenses” of the president.

Amash also suggested that members of Congress are betraying their oath to defend the Constitution by allowing Trump to “abuse” his office as president.