Emily Ratajkowski Goes Braless In Stunning Blue Suit On Instagram

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Inamorata Woman, model Emily Ratajkowski‘s swimwear and clothing brand, announced the newest addition to their product line in the best way possible on Monday evening. In a photo posted to the label’s official Instagram account, 28-year-old Emily posed in a sexy, ultra-short skirt and an oversized blazer with nothing beneath the latter. The Instagram post served as an announcement from Inamorata Woman that suits are on the way.

The photo showed Emily posing at home, modeling the suit in front of a gold-trimmed three-way mirror against a light-colored wall. Her big, black dog — Colombo — ran behind her. Emily was modeling a tiny and skintight powder blue business skirt that showed off her tan thighs.

She paired the skirt with a matching oversized blazer. To add a bit of sex appeal, Emily kept her torso bare underneath the open jacket, showing off her flat tummy. She strategically covered the right half of her chest with the edge of the blazer, while her left hand covered the other half. The jacket hung loosely over her body, reaching down past the length of the skirt.

On one finger of her left hand, Emily rocked a shiny engagement ring and a wedding band. The only other visible accessory was a chunky gold watch appearing on her right wrist. The model seemed to be rocking a light makeup application bolstered by a nude lip. Her brunette hair fell down her shoulders in a bit of a messy bedhead look.

In the caption of the latest post, Inamorata Woman shared their excitement for the upcoming suits launch.

The post garnered over 32,000 likes and more than 300 comments, in which many fans reciprocated the excitement.

“Slams fists on the table, chanting* SEXY SUITS!! SEXY SUITS!!” one fan wrote.

“Looking real professional… topless,” another follower jokingly — or perhaps sarcastically — added.

“Yes yes yes yes this is amazing,” a third user said.

One user declared that they were “going to f***ing die” from the news.

Inamorata Woman revealed that the suits will be available next week, but no other information is available right now. In the meantime, fans can see Emily rocking some other looks from Inamorata Woman, both on the brand’s Instagram feed and her own account. Earlier this week, the model shared a photo of herself sporting a just-out-of-bed look in an aqua high-neck sports bra and matching high-waisted biker shorts, as The Inquisitr previously reported. That post garnered over 930,000 likes.