Kaley Cuoco Wows In Cream Tank Top And Matching Suit: ‘I’ll Do Anything You Want Me To’

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco, who is not a singer, posted a funny clip of herself to her Instagram account earlier today, where she attempted to sing.

Cuoco took to Instagram to share a sneak peek of herself on Under a Rock with Tig Notaro. In the Funny or Die clip, The Big Bang Theory actress wore a cream-colored, scoop neck tank top that showed off her ample assets. Over the top of her tank, Cuoco wore an open jacket that matched. She wore a pair of matching cream-colored pants with a tuxedo stripe down the leg, which the actress cuffed several times at the ankle. Off-white sneakers completed the casual look. Cuoco wore her long blond hair in soft waves that fell over both shoulders. The entire outfit even matched the chair that she sat in during the video.

In the video, Notaro and Cuoco discussed that the actress is not a singer. However, she eventually told the host that she’d do anything she wanted her to. So, after Notaro counted three, two, one, Cuoco belted out a beautiful sound. It wasn’t bad at all for somebody who had professed moments before not to be a singer. People in the background laughed throughout the exchange.

In an hour, the video racked up nearly 80,000 views, and dozens of people left positive comments for the actress. Even Cuoco’s family got in on the replies.

“I loved this entire thing, just A LOT,” wrote her sister, Bri Cuoco.

Not surprisingly, the actress’s fans loved seeing her in the lighthearted clip.

“That was actually the cutest most hilarious interview ever,” gushed one happy fan.

“Perfect pitch. You CAN sing then!” another follower pointed out.

“Quite possibly the funniest thing ever! How can she not know you??” wondered another fan of TBBT actress.

In her previous post from the set of the show, Cuoco noted that Notaro honestly had no idea who she was. Even so, they both squatted down and took a silly photo together, which the actress shared on Instagram to the delight of her fans. In the picture, the actress wore the same cream ensemble she had on during the video clip. Notaro’s whole “superpower” is that she simply never recognizes celebrities, and hilarity often ensues during her Funny or Die videos.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Cuoco promoted her new show, DC Universe’s Harley Quinn, last week. In her post, the actress urged everybody to binge-watch it over Thanksgiving weekend when the new streaming service debuts.