Saints Fan Elbows Woman's Face, Steals Souvenir Ball From Her [Video]

What can be said about a New Orleans Saints fan elbowing a young woman in the face, out-muscling her, and ripping a souvenir football from her?

Halfway through the third quarter at the New Orleans Saints Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Jermaine Gresham, the tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals, caught a one-yard touchdown pass.

After he jumped over the end-zone wall, Gresham noticed two female Cincinnati Bengal fans who pleaded for the ball.

Jermaine strolled up the stands and gestured to a young woman his intention of throwing her the football he just caught.

Neither Gresham nor the two female Bengals fans noticed an elderly Saints fan, wearing a Saints jersey sitting in the front row.

As soon as the ball left Jermaine's fingers, as he underhanded the ball and it wobbled towards the direction of the two female fans, the Saints fan jumped up, elbowed one of the women trying to catch the ball, out-muscled her, and snatched the ball away.

The Saints fan smirked as he nestled the ball under his arm and sat down.

In a state of shock and disbelief, the female fan pleaded to the man to give her the ball. He just ignored her.

In their frustration, fans in the section who witnessed the affair started chanting. The chants could be heard throughout the building.

"Give her the ball! Give her the ball!"
But the Saints fan wouldn't budge.

Later, after the Cincinnati Bengals won the game 27 - 10, Gresham had this to say to Associated Press.

"He should be ashamed of himself. And you can put that on the record."
ESPN reports offensive tackle Andre Smith said plain and simple.
"That was dirty!"
The Cincinnati Enquirer identified the Saints fan as a man named Tony Williams. He has been a long time Saints fan, and has had season tickets since the New Orleans Superdome opened.

ESPN further reported Williams had this to say.

"It's very simple. I caught the football. I didn't mean to hit that young lady. I was just reaching for the football."
There's somewhat of a happy ending.

The victim, Christa Barrett, a Versailles, Kentucky native, did eventually receive a souvenir ball even though one Saints fan deprived her of having the original ball that had been used in a touchdown. The Saints organization later presented Christa with a ball of her own.

[Photo courtesy of Yahoo Sports]