MMA Fighter Tara LaRosa Takes Down, Subdues Anti-Trump Protester At Veterans Day Event


MMA fighter Tara LaRosa tackled and subdued an anti-Trump protester at a Veteran’s Day event in Portland, Oregon, suffering a bite to her chest in the process, Yahoo Sports reports. The incident happened on Sunday but is only now making the national news.

On Sunday morning, a group of people had gathered near a busy intersection in the city to wave flags in honor of the holiday. Among the group were LaRosa and her companions, wearing the insignia of the Proud Boys, an alt-right group that has been accused of taking part in violent clashes with groups of counter-protesters.

Someone in the group live-streamed video of the event, according to The Oregonian. That video recorded parts of an altercation between LaRosa’s group and an unidentified woman, who said she was an anti-Trump protester. It’s difficult to see and hear what happened, but at some point it appears as if the woman and another member of the group were starting to physically scuffle with one another.

LaRosa can be heard telling the combatants to “break it up.” The woman can be heard saying, “You’re antagonizing the city I live in.”

Eventually the woman wound up on the ground, with LaRosa restraining her and the woman telling LaRosa to get off of her and that she can’t breathe. LaRosa can be heard telling the woman to calm down. In the background, a voice can be heard saying, “How do you like the Proud Boys now?”

LaRosa would later claim that the woman bit her chest, through her clothes, leaving a wound on her skin.

Eventually the police turned up to try to sort things out. Portland Police Sgt. Kevin Allen said that no arrests were made. Instead, the police are turning the results of their investigation over to the district attorney to determine whether or not there will be criminal charges.

“There are conflicting versions of the events, so we are gathering all of the information we can and referring it to the district attorney,” he said.

Back in August, as anti white-supremacy blog Angry White Men reported at the time, LaRosa apparently tweeted out a list of names of people suspected of belonging to Antifa, a leftist group that, not unlike the Proud Boys, is sometimes associated with violence where they turn up. However, the list was created by “racist trolls,” the blog claims. The list was comprised simply of names of people who had signed an anti-Trump petition.