‘The Conners’ Fans Confused By Photo Of Troublemaking New Character

The Conners will welcome back a new character this week, but not everyone recognizes who she is. On the official Instagram page for the ABC Roseanne spinoff, fans of the show were confused by a photo of a blond, tattooed, Doc Martens-wearing teen as the caption teased a “look who’s back” return for the character.

In the comments section to the post, fans reacted to the “confusing” photo. Some viewers thought the show was introducing another incarnation of Becky Conner, the character played by Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke in the original Roseanne series. Others admitted they had no clue who the girl in the photo was.

“I can’t guess because I don’t know who that is,” one fan wrote. “I was going for maybe a Becky #3?”

“Please bring back the other Becky. The current one has no personality,” another fan wrote.

“I don’t know who this is but whatever happened to Andy who is Jackie’s son, and Jerry who is Dan and Roseanne’s son. Will they ever make it to the show??” another fan asked.

A few fans did recognize the character as Odessa, Harris’ (Emma Kenney) “pot-smoking friend” who was introduced briefly in a previous episode of The Conners. The character is played by British actress Eliza Bennett.

Most fans agreed that the return of Odessa probably isn’t good for the future of the troubled teen daughter of Darlene (Sara Gilbert). Others predicted that history will repeat itself for the Conner clan.

“Harris friend who smokes weed,” one fan wrote of Odessa. “Cue, seen when Darlene and her old neighbor went to the concert and met some guys. Or when Becky broke into her parent’s liquor cabinet and made tornadoes.”


Fans of The Conners have already seen Harris get into trouble since she befriended Odessa. The rebellious daughter of Darlene and her ex-husband David (Johnny Galecki) was busted for making and selling weed cookies, and she wore a risque outfit to a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with her new friend.

In the new episode of the ABC hit, it sounds like things will hit a boiling point. A synopsis for the upcoming The Conners episode, “Tempest in a Stew Pot,” reveals that Dan (John Goodman) bans Odessa from the house, “causing a rift with Harris,” according to The Futon Critic.


Bennett joins an already supersized Conners cast as a recurring guest star on the show. As The Inquisitr previously shared, other returning guest stars for the second season of The Conners include James Pickens Jr., Jay R. Ferguson, Estelle Parsons, and Katie Sagal. Johnny Galecki has also appeared on the ABC sitcom.