‘Dancing With The Stars’ Wardrobe Team Blasted For Hannah Brown’s Ill-Fitting, Low-Cut Outfit

Eric McCandlessABC

Hannah Brown had her work cut out for her this week on Dancing with the Stars — and it wasn’t just due to her dance moves. The Bachelorette star, who was dressed in an insanely loose and low-cut outfit, was tasked with performing a fast-paced salsa while avoiding a serious wardrobe malfunction. Fans were not happy with the show’s wardrobe department as Hannah admitted she was focused on staying inside her dress while dancing with partner Alan Bersten.

Hannah and Alan received a respectable 32 out of 40 points for their salsa to TLC’s “No Scrubs,” but fans want to know why she was put in the position of having to worry about her ill-fitting, red-and-silver fringed, leopard-print outfit as she danced.

On Instagram, some viewers questioned why Hannah barely scored higher than Sean Spicer as she had to twist and bend her body to avoid the dress from coming open. One fan wondered how Hannah kept her “TaTas” contained.

“This outfit was ridiculous. WAY too skimpy. My 4-year-old was asking where her clothes were,” another viewer wrote.

“Who put her in that stupid outfit to dance in?????” another fan asked. “Poor thing was having to hang on to herself 24/7 to keep the girls in place…shame shame.”

“It seems that your wardrobe department is a hit and miss on [Hannah Brown’s]’s costume,” another follower noted. “They’re dancing a Salsa that has lifts and Hannah was given a dress that is 2 sizes bigger with a plunging back & neckline down to her belly? Any dancer with that kind of loose outfit will be worried of malfunction no matter how good they are in dancing. “

Other fans admitted they could understand Hannah being afraid of that costume going south, although a few accused The Bachelorette star of showing her “boobs” to score extra votes from the at-home voters.

After Hannah’s dance, the judges called out some of her sloppy moves and lifts, which put her on the defense.

“I was just trying to stay in my outfit,” she said. “I feel like that was a talent in itself.”

While the pro dancers used to be heavily involved in all aspects of the routines on Dancing with the Stars, the costumes and music have been a point of contention this season on the ABC celebrity ballroom competition.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, longtime DWTS pro dancer Cheryl Burke revealed in a recent blog post that the experienced pros on the long-running reality show no longer have any say when it comes to music or costumes. Instead, producers have taken on those roles, which can make for some challenges when it comes to choreography.

Burke noted that when you don’t dance to appropriate music or wear the right costumes, it can be “tough,” and she urged producers to dig deeper if they want to showcase authentic ballroom dance.