Dave Grohl Gives Keynote Speech At SXSW [Video]

SXSW Speech

Dave Grohl recently gave a keynote speech to people who attended this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

The Foo Fighters frontman focused his speech on new artists, stating that up-and-coming musicians should spend more time writing and performing the music than worrying about success.

“There is no right or wrong,” Dave Grohl said. “There is only your voice, your voice screaming through an old recording console, singing from a laptop, echoing from a street corner, a cello, a turntable, a guitar.”

Dave Grohl said during his speech that technology was making it easier for young musicians to promote their work without the help of a major label. He said social media essentially allows for artists to book their own shows and record their own music.

“Independence as a musician has been blessed by the advancement of technology,” Dave Grohl explained during the keynote speech. “[It] makes it easier for any inspired young musician to start their own band, write their own song, record their own record, book their own shows.”

The former Nirvana drummer also took issue with televised singing competitions such as The Voice. He added that Bob Dylan would have had a hard time on the show.

“Who cares? It’s your voice,” Grohl said. “Cherish it, respect it, nurture it, stretch it, scream it till it’s gone.”

The singer said that nowadays the musician come first.

“Am I the best drummer in the world? Certainly not. Am I the best singer-songwriter? Not even in this … room. But I have been left alone to find my voice,” he added.


Grohl recently confirmed that the Foo Fighters were preparing songs for their upcoming eighth album. Although plans are underway for another batch of tunes, it’s currently unknown when the band will get around to recording them.

“[We] have a plan, we know exactly what’s coming next, and I have the music for the next record and we’re going to start working on it once we finish doing all this stuff,” the frontman told MTV News.

Are you a fan of Dave Grohl? What do you think about the musician’s recent keynote speech at SXSW?

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]