San Diego State University Student Dylan Hernandez Dies Following Fraternity Event

Some people are proposing a ban of alcohol in fraternities and sororities after a college student's recent death.

A fraternity house sits upon a hill.
mgattorna / Pixabay

Some people are proposing a ban of alcohol in fraternities and sororities after a college student's recent death.

Dylan Hernandez, a young college student, died late Sunday night following a fraternity event at San Diego State University that took place this past Thursday. While the details regarding his death have not yet been released in detail in an effort to respect his family, it is believed that alcohol was involved. Hernandez’s tragic death is causing some to propose an alcohol ban in fraternity and sorority houses, according to NBC News.

It was a fellow student who called 911 in the early hours of Thursday morning to ask for help for Hernandez, who was in one of the university’s residence halls. He was then brought to the hospital but could not be revived. His parents were able to say goodbye to him prior to his death. The students of San Diego State University were informed of his death on Monday. However, it has not yet been released which fraternity Hernandez may have been a part of or what exactly took place that led to his death.

The matter is currently under investigation. Adela de la Torre, the president of San Diego State University, released a public statement regarding Hernandez’s death. She also made the decision to place 14 of the campus’s fraternities under suspension in wake of the news.

“His family gave their goodbyes late Sunday night. The family has given the university permission today to share this information, and we are working to support them during this incredibly difficult time. The university will keep the organizations under suspension while it considers next steps. Each of us, including our students, must uphold the highest standards that do not put the health and safety of anyone at risk.”

The ongoing campus investigation did reveal “that a fraternity was involved in possible misconduct.”

Attorney Bob Ottilie is chairman of the Alpha Omega Housing Corporation. He suggested a ban to be placed on alcohol in fraternities and sororities to avoid “preventable tragedies such as this one.” He also pointed out that is far more rare to hear about someone dying in a sorority house than a fraternity house.


In total, San Diego State has 46 recognized fraternities. Several of these organizations were already under suspension prior to this event.

This not the first time in recent years that a tragedy like this has happened. In one instance, a 19-year-old student named Tim Piazza died in 2017 as the result of extreme hazing at Pennsylvania State University, as The Inquisitr reported. Several other students were charged in connection with the case because of how long they waited to call an ambulance for Piazza.