November 12, 2019
Hilary Duff Opens Up About Her Kids, Reveals Her Son Is A Protective Older Brother

Mom-of-two Hilary Duff recently opened up to People about her kids, talking about what her 1-year-old daughter's latest milestone is and revealing that her 7-year-old son, Luca, is a protective big brother.

The Lizzie McGuire star explained that her oldest son keeps a close eye on his little sister. She explained that he doesn't want his little sister to fall off the couch and even suggested his mom keep a closer eye on 1-year-old Banks Violet.

"I'm like, 'She's gonna fall down," Hilary said. "She's got to learn not to go near that' or whatever. I sat him down once and said, 'Hey, you survived and I was your mom, so I swear she's going to be okay.'"

While Hilary admits that her son is an amazing big brother, she did reveal that he isn't into changing diapers. Despite not wanting to help with diaper changing, Luca appears to be "very helpful," the actress admitted. She also opened up about how her son is "very thoughtful."

"It's finally clicked where he just thinks of things right off the bat, or he'll problem solve. It's really amazing."
Hilary recently opened up about how Luca will be entering third grade next year and revealed that she is "terrified" to help him with his homework.Hilary shares her 7-year-old son with her ex, Mike Comrie. She shares her daughter with her fiance, Matthew Koma. She often updates her fans on social media with pictures of her kids, and in her interview with People, she gave an update about her daughter's latest milestone.

The proud mom revealed that her daughter now has six teeth and that she recently started walking -- an exciting milestone for any parent. However, now that Banks has her teeth, her eating habits have changed and she no longer eats purees. Hilary mentioned that she now steams vegetables for her daughter.

Another thing that Hilary has had to do for her daughter is to find ways to get protein in her diet. The mom-of-two explained that her youngest daughter won't eat much meat and, as a result, she has had to find alternate ways to ensure Banks is getting all her nutrients. Hilary revealed that she adds vegan protein powder to the smoothies that she makes for Banks. While her daughter may not like to eat purees or much meat, one thing the Lizzie Maguire actress admits that she has no problem getting her daughter to eat bread.

"She's definitely a carb queen. She loves that bread," Hilary quipped.