Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Faces Jason’s Questions As Anna Intervenes With Cassandra

Craig SjodinABC

Valentin Cassadine will be doing a lot of scrambling as this week progresses, tease the latest General Hospital spoilers. Cassandra Pierce has taken Charlotte Cassadine, and people all over Port Charles are going to great lengths to find her, meaning that Valentin will be asked plenty of questions he’d probably prefer to avoid.

It did not take long, once Charlotte went missing, for Jordan Ashford to question Valentin about his ties to Cassandra. He has plenty he wants to keep Jordan from learning in terms of his past with Cassandra, but in this case, he at least had nothing to do with her escape from Pentonville Penitentiary.

Valentin has been in contact with Cassandra since she whisked Charlotte away from Kelly’s Diner, and viewers know he will do whatever it takes to get his daughter back. However, someone else managed to cross Cassandra and Charlotte’s path first: Anna Devane is finally back in Port Charles, and she happened to see Pierce before she could get too far away.

Previews for Tuesday’s show reveal that Anna will try to make a deal with Cassandra. As much as Anna wants to see Cassandra permanently behind bars, General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will promise to let her go if she’ll release Charlotte.

Will Cassandra accept Anna’s offer? General Hospital spoilers for the week tease that Anna will soon head home, and it appears that she will breezily fly through the door to excitedly surprise Finn Hamilton. However, Hayden Barnes will be there, and this will immediately raise lots of questions for Anna.

Fans saw that Hayden surprised Finn by bringing Violet by for a visit, and that the little girl fell asleep on the couch. Now, it looks as if Anna’s return home will come as Hayden and Finn spend time together as their little girl sleeps.

This obviously will generate a complicated situation. However, it might also signal that Anna is successful in her confrontation with Cassandra. It seems likely that she would have a different demeanor as she returned home if she knew that her efforts had failed and Charlotte was still missing.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that Jason Morgan will make his way to Valentin’s place. He already confronted Jasper Jacks about potential ties to Cassandra’s escape, and now he’s got questions for Valentin.

Jason didn’t manage to learn anything particularly helpful from Jax, and he probably won’t gain much from this visit to Valentin, either. However, Jason is determined to find Cassandra in an effort to protect Sam McCall, and he won’t shy away from pushing hard to find the information he needs.

Regardless of how soon Charlotte is reunited with Valentin, Nina, and Lulu Spencer, this incident will leave a lasting impact on many throughout Port Charles. Jax is furious with Nikolas Cassadine over this, and General Hospital spoilers hint that very soon he might spill the beans about this complicated situation to Carly Corinthos.

After months of several central storylines moving at a snail’s pace, things seem to be picking up speed with the November sweeps period playing out. General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty of great stuff still on the way, and fans will be anxious to see what chaos erupts next.