Sara Underwood Strips Off Bikini Top For Tanning Time In Sexy New Instagram Video

David BeckerGetty Images

Sara Underwood‘s fans are likely to be in a frenzy over her latest Instagram post. On Monday, the blond bombshell shared a video featuring herself in a skimpy crochet bikini that just barely provided any coverage to her body. As if that weren’t enough to get pulses racing, Sara prepared to catch some sun rays by taking her top completely off, putting herself at risk of a major slip-up in the process.

In the clip, Sara sat on a lounge chair by a massive pool, surrounded by beautiful greenery. She wore a green, black, red, blue, and white, triangle-shaped, crochet bikini top, which her busty chest nearly burst out of on all sides. Sara also wore a funky pair of matching bottoms that included two thin, green straps wrapping around her waist, and another triangle covering only what was necessary. Overall, the adventurer‘s flat tummy, shapely thighs, and toned arms were on full display in the skimpy look.

Sara’s blond hair was pulled up into a messy bun as loose strands framed her face. She sported a minimal makeup look, including a dark blush.

The video began with Sara lathering on some type of tanning lotion as birds chirped away in the background. She took in her surroundings a bit before slowly loosening the tie at the back of her neck, holding onto the bikini top to keep it from falling off completely. However, as she did this, the stunner came very close to revealing a bit too much.

Sara lowered herself facing downward onto the lounge chair to tan her back. The video then cut to a side view, through a bush, of Sara’s topless tanning session. Things took a hilarious turn when close friend Steve Bitanga removed a few berries from the bush and pelted them at her. At one point, Steve ran to the other side of the pool, giving fans a look at Sara’s pert derriere in the thong bikini.

Confused, Sara hoisted herself up with one arm, covering her bare chest with the other. She looked around a bit and realized who the prankster was before breaking into laughter.

“F*cking Steve, I knew it. F*cker, can’t I get some peace around here?” Sara said with a smile.

The video garnered over 116,000 views in one hour, as well as more than 300 comments.

“That was funny. He almost pulled a fast one on you, must be your ninja senses that got him busted or his giggling,” one fan wrote in the comments section.