Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Does A Sexy Limbo In Entertaining New Instagram Video

Fitness model Michelle Lewin is generating a stir on Instagram with her latest post. Apparently, the 33-year-old Venezuelan native cannot resist an opportunity to do the limbo, even if it is as she is walking into a parking garage.

On Sunday, Lewin shared a fun video clip that it seems her husband, Jimmy Lewin, took of her. Michelle was approaching a bar at a parking garage exit, and Jimmy yelled out that she should do the limbo. She did not waste any time in taking him up on his challenge.

Lewin has been sporting long, blond extensions for a while now, and she had them parted on the side and cascading down her back in loose curls for this outing. Michelle wore black, heeled boots and workout gear that appears to be the "Indiana" set from her fashion line.

Michelle strutted her stuff as she walked ahead of Jimmy, exuding plenty of confidence while wearing just a pair of skintight leggings and a matching sports bra. The leggings showcased Lewin's toned bum and athletic physique, and the outfit allowed the fitness model to showcase all of her enviable curves.

Lewin had her phone clutched in one hand and barely paused before arching her back, shimmying her shoulders, and navigating her way under the bar successfully. By the looks of things, the Venezuelan beauty's busty assets nearly cramped her style when it came to successfully showing off her limbo skills.

Videos of Lewin are almost always massive hits on social media, and this one was no exception. In just one short day, nearly 1.1 million of Michelle's 13.4 million followers had viewed the sexy clip. The post received about 115,000 likes and more than 700 comments during that time.

"True fitness queen!" exclaimed one impressed fan of Lewin.

"Lol. Always perfection," wrote another follower, who added a handful of heart emoji.

"D*mn girl you are the finest thing on Instagram," declared another supporter.

Admittedly, some of Lewin's followers seemed concerned that these leggings made it look as if she's lost a bit of curve in her booty. Quite a few others acknowledged that this limbo move was especially impressive given the heeled boots that Michelle was wearing.

In this case, Lewin was just being silly and happened to impress her followers with her insanely fit figure. However, those who follow Michelle on social media know that she regularly shares workout videos and tips, and she makes it clear that she works incredibly hard to achieve her iconic physique.