Royal Baby Gets A Nickname: Our Little Grape

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Kate Middleton and Prince William haven’t decided on a royal baby name yet but they have started using a nickname: Little Grape.

According to Yahoo News, the happy couple arrived at the nickname after Kate was told that the fetus was about the size of a “little grape” when she was nine weeks pregnant.

Kate is about four months pregnant now but she is still using the nickname “little grape” to talk about her baby bump.

The name little grape doesn’t reveal the sex of the baby but Middleton may have already let that information slip. Earlier this month, Middleton was talking with some of her fans and said that she was excited to have “a dau….”

Middleton never finished her sentence but many people are now guessing that the royal baby will be a girl.

So what will they call the baby when it arrives? Well, if Kate really is having a girl the baby might get the name Elizabeth Diana Carole Mountbatten-Windsor. Elizabeth, for Queen Elizabeth II, Diana, for Princess Diana, and Carol for Kate’s mother Carol.

Midleton is reportedly due this July so there are still a few months before she’ll get to meet her little grape. In the meantime, Middleton is preparing to be a good and healthy mother. She’s replaced her daily runs with walks and has also started doing prenatal yoga. Middleton is also reading up on “how to be a good parent to how to stay healthy for the baby.”

Middleton is doing her best to get some exercise during her pregnancy but she has also started to eat more sweets and baked goods.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle that Middleton has developed quite a sweet tooth. The source said: “She’s got sugar on the brain. Chocolates, biscuits, cake. When she sneaks off to a nearby Starbucks for a decaf coffee, she’ll often pick up a baked good!”

Do you think the nickname “little grape” is cute?