‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood’s Fury Toward Andrew Glennon Captured In Newly Leaked Audio & Video Clips

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood may be trying to put her latest round of troubles behind her, but audiotapes and videotapes of a domestic incident she had with former beau Andrew Glennon last summer have just emerged. There had previously been talk that clips of this battle existed, and now they have surfaced and been shared online.

TMZ shares some audio of Amber and Andrew’s fight from last July that quickly escalated and led to her allegedly hacking at a door with a machete. Prior to this, some specifics from this incident had been detailed by outlets after the July incident. However, this appears to be the first time that the clips from the intense night have been shared publicly.

The media outlet explains that there was both video and audio captured by a Ring security system installed where the family lived at the time. This incident started after Amber, Andrew, and their baby James tried to go see some fireworks and ran into issues getting to their destination.

The various clips referenced by TMZ were reportedly given to YouTube star Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball, by a source close to the family. Katie broke down the clips she received of the July 4 incident in a new YouTube video she recently posted.

Joy explained that now that the Portwood case is closed, there is no issue with these clips being made public. This is not the first time that Katie has shared recorded clips given to her by someone close to Glennon. However, it does seem that this is the first time she has shared the moment where Andrew was reportedly hiding behind a locked door with his son James in his arms. Meanwhile, Amber struck the door several times with what he has alleged was a machete.

The unsettling door moment comes at about the 21-minute mark of Joy’s recent clip compilation. Toward the end of the video, Katie explained that Andrew had been documenting issues in his relationship with Amber for quite some time. Apparently, he was afraid that their volatile relationship would ultimately lead to accusations against him and he was trying to protect himself.


Joy also noted that she had some additional video she could not share, at least some of it because it showed officers talking with Amber after Andrew called the police. The YouTube star also detailed that she had numerous additional audio clips that she would be sharing in future videos.

Amber Portwood accepted a plea deal in this case and her relationship with Andrew Glennon has ended. It seems likely that based on these newly-surfaced clips, there is a fair amount of residual bad blood remaining between the two Teen Mom OG stars. Now, fans will be curious to see if she reacts at all to this latest batch of clips being shared publicly.