‘Saints Row IV’: Prepare To Take Over Washington

'Saints Row IV' will have you taking over Washington

Saints Row IV will have you taking over the White House.

The Third Street Saints have already conquered Steelport and Stillwater, and now they’ve set their eyes on Washington, D.C.. This time around, the gang gets ahold of new technology and even super powers.

Yes, you read that right. You’re going to get super powers.

Deep Silver, developer of Saints Row, has announced that the leader of the Third Street Saints has been elected President of the United States. Good thing, too, considering an alien invasion happens shortly after and the gang is needed to fend them off.

You will be thrust into an alien recreation of Steelport, a simulation where you have access to some new toys to fight your opponents. Some of said wonderful toys include the ability to fly and freeze opponents. Saints Row IV is looking to remove that “pseudo” and go from parody to as crazy as the disc limits let them get.

The trailer for Saints Row IV begins with someone in a purple and black suit appearing to charge up some kind of electrical suit for something.

The words “Deep Silver” flash on the screen and a rocking soundtrack kicks in as the man starts running along a futuristic cityscape with a glow and what appear to be heavy sparks at his feet.

A couple of clips show someone gunning down some enemies hiding behind crates, and a woman who appears to be re-enacting the famous Trinity scene from The Matrix against a soldier with a rifle.

The words “And Volition” flash on screen, followed by the same guy making a massive leap to the high-rises of aforementioned city. The word “Presents” follows up in a similar manner before we see the guy getting released from some kind of full-body shackle and a woman in yellow armor standing with a large white weapon that appears to have a red coil in it. Then we see some kind of power explosion preceding someone on a TRON-like motorcycle, and someone dive-bombing a futuristic car.

Then we see the man in a suit, presumably acting as President, and a girl punching someone as the words fly by one or two at a time, “The climactic chapter of the saga that changed all the rules and blew the minds of a generation.”

See the rest of the trailer for Saints Row IV below.

Are you excited to see what Saints Row IV has to offer?