'Tall Girl' Star Ava Michelle Gets 'Wild' With Unique Ensemble In Her Latest Instagram Snap

Trisha Faulkner

Tall Girl star Ava Michelle declared herself a "wild card" as she rocked a very unique ensemble in her latest Instagram snap.

It was roughly 24 hours ago that Ava took to Instagram to share a few pictures of herself rocking a unique ensemble that oozed vibes from the 1970s.

The young actress rocked a long-sleeve tie-dye sweatshirt. The shirt featured thick bands of yellow, blue, red, white, and green. The shirt also had the word "wild card" plastered in large black letters across the front of it.

As if the shirt wasn't "wild" enough, the Netflix Originals star paired it with yellow and black plaid pants. She also rocked ankle-length heeled boots.

The photo featured the actress sitting on the floor in the corner of a cream-colored room with carpeted floors.

Upon closer inspection, the Instagram post itself contained three photos of Michelle rocking the same unique ensemble while in different positions.

The first photo contained Ava with a quizzical expression on her face as she sat with one foot flat on the floor as her elbow rested on her knee. Her other leg rested on the floor as her other arm draped in front of her spread legs.

While her legs remained in the same position in the second photo, Ava had her hands placed on either side of her head. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips to make a kissing face for the camera.

The photo also featured some sort of filter that made it look as if the actress was being engulfed by a large white bubble.

In the 24 hours since the actress posted the collection of snapshots on her profile, her followers showered it with over 160,000 likes and just shy of 400 comments.

Most were loving the new outfit that Ava was kind enough to model for them.

"Stunning," "perfect," and "beautiful," were some of the single-word complements individuals used to share their thoughts on the photo.

At a loss for words, some opted to post nothing more than several heart-themed emoji in the comments.

Ava even had one individual who penned the word "tight" in the comments. Michelle responded to the comment with a smiley face.