Colombian Fitness Model Ariana James Goes Nude In A Bathtub, Censors Herself With Soapy Foam

Ariana JamesInstagram

Colombian fitness model and Instagram sensation Ariana James recently took to her page and wowed her 1.9 million fans with a hot, nude picture.

In the snap, the hottie could be seen lying in a bathtub, wearing nothing at all. In the process, she exposed her amazing, wet body to titillate her fans.

Knowing that full-on nudity is not allowed on Instagram, Ariana censored her breasts and lady parts with soapy foam. Nonetheless, she exposed plenty of skin to drive her fans crazy.

Ariana wore no makeup at all to keep it as natural as possible and wore her raven-colored tresses down. To pose for the hot picture, she kept one of her arms behind her head, lifted her chin and looked toward the ceiling. The model also left her lips slightly parted to exude seductive vibes.

The stunner opted for a caption in Spanish, and according to a Google translation, she wrote that she was posting a bathtub picture on the request of her fans. She, however, did not specify the location of the picture in her post.

Within less than 30 minutes of going live, the hot picture has garnered more than 28,000 likes and over 430 comments in which fans and followers drooled over the sheer display of skin and showered the model with numerous comments.

Gaining significant traction within such a short period of time also proves that Ariana is, indeed, very popular on the photo-sharing website and anything she posts gets a lot of attention.

Apart from her regular fans and followers, the snap was also liked by some of Ariana’s fellow models and influencers. These included Instagram sensation Yaslen Clemente, Georgina Mazzeo, Fabiana Oliveros, Sarah Yurle, and Alejandra Estefania, among others.

“You are just perfect. That’s why your personality shines so brightly. God always bless you and let you be the inspiration to many,” one of her fans commented on the snap.

“You are irresistible! I admire your beauty, Ariana,” another one chimed in.

“You are the epitome of absolute perfection. Love this picture!” a third fan wrote.

Meanwhile, a fourth admirer opined that Ariana is divine and a goddess.

“Damn! You are beautiful, goddess, perfect, divine, intelligent, precious, sweet, and kind. I can go on and on and it will never end.”

Other fans and followers used words and phrases like “amazing figure,” “you are too pretty,” and “the most beautiful model on Instagram,” to praise the model. Meanwhile, the remaining ones opted for heart, kiss and fire emoji instead of long sentences to express their admiration.