Transgender Influencer Nikita Dragun Shares Rare Makeup-Free Selfie On Instagram

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Transgender YouTuber and social media influencer Nikita Dragun really changed things up for her 5.7 million Instagram followers on Sunday evening by sharing a rare photo of herself without a hint of makeup on. Unlike the rest of her snapshots on social media, this picture also lacked her typical vibrantly colored hair.

Nikita’s dark hair was down and parted to the side. It flowed down her body in wavy layers. She also rocked a very basic black T-shirt. What really caught the attention of her massive following, however, was the lack of cosmetics.

In a very detailed caption, Dragun opened up about her decision to post an all-natural snap on social media. She kicked her caption off by reminding her followers that her biggest fear was sharing a photo free of makeup, editing, and filters.

She admitted she finally felt silly for being afraid of such a thing. She noted that she wanted to deal with her insecurities and work to get to a place where she loved herself.

Nikita transitioned to discussing how toxic she believed the social media world was, with influencers, like herself, seeking validation through likes.

Labeling herself as a “little mixed Trans girl,” Nikita added that she wasn’t willing to let anyone other than herself control her narrative.

She concluded her caption by showering her followers with a little appreciation, as she thanked them for their support.

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i once said my biggest fear would be to post a pic without makeup or editing... i finally realized how crazy that sounded so here i am zits and all :) trying to face my insecurities and working towards loving myself! also understanding my influence over those that follow me... i’ve been reading a lot about Instagram removing likes. the argument is that their is a false sense of validation through the currency of likes... and that influencers like myself are creating a toxic narrative... and it’s TRUE. however my validation comes from the fact that i am a little mixed Trans girl from springfield virginia that somehow took control of HER own narrative! posting my journey on this platform over the years in hopes that i could educate or shine a light on my community that often isn’t as visible in media. i’ve achieved my dreams from these “likes” which to me are a representation of someone... somewhere in the world apart of my journey. so yes i understand the negatives of “the like button” however i have felt the positives of it first hand. forever grateful for everything u guys have given me xo

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“Trying to remind myself it’s okay not to be perfect,” Nikita penned in a comment that has been liked over 2,000 times, with 55 of her followers taking the time to reply to it.

Singer and songwriter Olivia O’Brien noted that Nikita was “so crazy” if she believed there was ever a time where she wasn’t beautiful. She added that it didn’t matter whether Dragun had a drop of makeup on her face.

Dragun also had a few followers question why she has been so inactive on social media following the end of her wave of Halloween snapshots.

“I’ve been taking time to myself, trying to ground myself and check in on myself but i’m back,” Dragun penned in response to the concern for her lack of Instagram activity.

Published on her profile just two hours ago, her cosmetic-free snapshot has accumulated over 220,000 likes and 3,200 comments an hour.

“Bare faced queen,” one of her followers penned in the comments.

“Wow we love a natural mama,” another chimed in.

Overall, her followers seemed to really appreciate Nikita’s decision to share a raw and natural photo with them. Most kept things simple with single word complements, as well as fire and flame emoji.