Weekly Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Liesl’s In A Tough Spot, Kim Gets Support, & Franco Makes A Decision

Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television

The week of November 11 will be jam-packed with crazy moments, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. It looks like there are significant developments coming with nearly every storyline, and things are starting to overlap in compelling ways.

Viewers already know that the week of November 11 will have a lot of drama with Nikolas Cassadine and Cassandra Pierce. Charlotte Cassadine will go missing, Jasper Jacks will confront his houseguest, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Carly Corinthos may find herself pulled into all of this.

There is chaos related to Julian Jerome, Brad Cooper, and Lucas Jones, as well. Brad used his conflict with Dr. Liesl Obrecht to make his father-in-law look bad, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Liesl will be scrambling as a result.

Soap Central notes that Obrecht will find herself between a rock and a hard place. She surely will not be happy to learn that Brad used his issue with her as an excuse in exposing Julian to Lucas. Brad lied about some key details there, but neither Julian or Liesl are in a position to tell Lucas the entire truth.

Liesl is still trying to keep Nina Reeves from finding out how much she knew about Valentin Cassadine’s schemes regarding the fake DNA tests with Sasha Gilmore. Brad may think he knows enough about Liesl’s misdeeds to keep her from exposing his own lies, but she does know the truth about Wiley, and it might be dangerous for him to try to push her too far.

General Hospital spoilers have hinted that Dr. Kim Nero may soon leave Port Charles for good, but she’s not gone quite yet. She will spend some time with Monica Quartermaine in the days ahead, and Monica will be a source of support for her.

Monica will show her compassionate side to Kim, and the two will likely share some heartfelt moments. Both are grieving the death of Oscar Nero and the presumed death of Drew Cain, and Monica has plenty of experience with big losses like these. Kim may still end up leaving town soon, but it’ll be helpful to her to know she’s not entirely alone right now.

Franco Baldwin has been struggling since the memory transplant procedure that essentially turned him into Drew. He won his competency hearing and planned to leave town with Kim, going so far as to say goodbye to Elizabeth Webber Baldwin. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that he might reconsider and change direction.

Viewers will have to stay tuned to see what Franco decides to do, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will choose a path in the coming days. As he grapples with the decisions he’s facing, Elizabeth will take Cameron Webber to Sonny Corinthos’ place. This may have to do with the drinking escapade Cam and Josslyn Jacks had, as perhaps Liz wants Cam to apologize.

There’s great stuff involving Finn, Hayden, and Violet on the way, as well as scenes involving Alexis. Peter and Robert will butt heads again, and General Hospital spoilers note that TJ will step up with some essential information on a case.

Fans will want to be sure to check out the full week of episodes coming during the week of November 11 and stay tuned for additional teasers.