‘Maxim’ Bombshell Kara Del Toro Sizzles In Nude Shower Photo

Randy ShropshireGetty Images

Kara Del Toro went fully nude for her newest Instagram post, where she was seen posing in a shower. The model wore just a white towel in the shot, which she wrapped around her head. Meanwhile, she sat upright on a wooden bench. She propped her left leg on the edge of the seat while resting her left elbow on top of her leg. This pose revealed her curves while still managing to censor them. Her sideboob was on full display, along with her toned legs.

The stunner glanced at the camera over her left shoulder and parted her lips slightly while giving a sultry look. And although she only wore a towel, she managed to infuse some glam with a pair of eye-catching drop earrings. The earrings featured three ovals, along with a flower-like piece on top. She didn’t seem to be wearing any other accessories. And whatever makeup she wore was minimal, as she showed off her natural beauty. Her white manicure peeked through, as she grabbed her leg with her right hand. Meanwhile, she placed her other hand on the side of her forehead.

The shower that she was in featured peach, marbled walls while a beam of light lit up the bottom left corner of the shot. Behind her, you could see a black shower head.

Fans seemed to love the new update and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

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The messages included short and sweet comments.

“Wowwwww you are amazing,” gushed a fan.

“You drive me crazy, Kara del Toro,” declared a follower.

Plus, others shared their love for the model in creative ways.

“Well I can honestly say that I definitely came to a neck breaking stop when I was flipping through my phone and saw this, unbelievable beauty and that body is on 11,” wrote an admirer, referring to Spinal Tap.

“An artist must portray your beauty in a painting. I bet it would become a new classic masterpiece,” noted a fourth Instagram user.

Plus, in late October, the bombshell posed in the same shower. This time, she was seen sporting a sheer, lace bralette that left little to the imagination. She sat up in a bench further away from the showerhead. The model only wore the lingerie set and glanced at the camera while exuding coy vibes. She wore a glittering headband and held a black cup in between her legs. The short video showed her taking a sip of her drink.