Former Alabama Star Mark Ingram II Blames Donald Trump For Team’s Loss To LSU

Todd KirklandGetty Images

Mark Ingram II thinks that Donald Trump is to blame for his alma mater’s big loss this weekend.

The former Alabama star and Heisman winner took to Twitter after the Crimson Tide’s loss to LSU on Saturday to say that Trump was to blame for the defeat. While it wasn’t clear if Ingram was speaking in jest, he decided that Alabama’s first home loss in four years was due to a jinx that Trump put on the team.

“I’m blaming Trump for this one,” Ingram wrote.

“Soon as they showed him at game we had that bad swacky!!”

For Ingram, blaming Trump may have been at least partially motivated by a desire to walk away from his own trash talk leading up to the game. Ingram said before the game that he was predicting a “Bama beat down” but had to eat his words as the Crimson Tide lost 46-41 in what was the highest-scoring matchup ever between the teams.

But Ingram wasn’t the only one to share the sentiment. After Trump had two embarrassing appearances at sporting events — receiving deafening boos at Game 5 of the World Series and then again when he attended UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden — critics said that he made the trip to Alabama in search of a more welcoming reception. President Trump remains largely popular in Alabama and his reaction at the game was mostly positive, but critics say that his appearance left a “curse” on the Crimson Tide.

Many took to social media to mock Alabama for losing the game after cheering Trump, with many noting that the Washington Nationals’ fans seemed to be rewarded for their treatment of Trump by winning the World Series.

President Trump’s visit to the game made headlines starting earlier in the week when the White House announced his plans to watch the game in Tuscaloosa and through the game day itself, with many news outlets covering the protests that took place outside the stadium and the mostly positive reaction that Trump got at the game.

Whether Trump played a factor or not, the loss could be devastating to Alabama’s College Football Playoff hopes. As Sports Illustrated noted, the loss puts the Crimson Tide at risk of missing the playoff for the first time since it was first instituted.

If Trump did put a curse on the Alabama Crimson Tide, it apparently didn’t extend to the team’s famous recent alum. Ingram’s Baltimore Ravens defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 49-13 on Sunday.