WWE News: Hall Of Famer Gives Update On Big Cass' Recovery Progress

Diamond Dallas Page has a history of helping professional wrestlers with addiction problems get their lives back on track, and he's currently working with former WWE star Big Cass. Speaking to Sportskeeda, the Hall of Famer gave an update on his progress, revealing that Cass is currently getting the help that he needs, and he's doing it at the right time for his career.

"I know he's in rehab right now and he's really getting a lot of really good help. He's a really smart guy. He's dealing with depression and all that, and he's got to get a point like where Jake [Roberts] is at. At least he's not waiting until he's in his late 50s. He's doing it in his early 30s, he still has a brilliant career ahead of him, if he can stay sober -- which I believe he has the ability."
DDP said that he'll be working with Cass more when he gets out of rehab, but in the meantime, he's acting as a point of contact between the former WWE superstar and the fans. Cass has received well wishes from the wrestling community in recent months, and DDP has been passing them on to him.

During the interview, DDP also revealed that WWE paid for Cass' treatment. The company has a history of paying for their ex stars to get the help they need, and Cass is no different.

However, the company might be interested in bringing Cass back into the fold when he recovers from his addiction issues. As The Inquisitr previously reported, there have been some discussions between both parties recently.

Cass was released from his WWE contract last year after a series of backstage incidents, where he reportedly had heat with the locker room and management over his poor behavior. The superstar has since revealed that some of the stories about him are true, while others are just rumors.

In fact, he admitted that the SmackDown Live segment which saw him repeatedly beat up a little person, despite being instructed to only kick him once, was one of the incidents that led to his release.

Since leaving WWE, Cass has made headlines for unflattering reasons. Earlier this year, AEW star Joey Janela revealed that the former WWE performer chased him around the locker room at an indie show, threatening to kill him. The incident stemmed from a fight that happened between Janela and Cass' friend, Enzo Amore, earlier this year.