WWE News: ‘Monday Night Raw’ Star Dismisses Claims That Vince McMahon Wanted To Bury Him


Back in September, there were reports circulating which stated that Vince McMahon wanted to bury Cedric Alexander. The rumors emerged following the Monday Night Raw superstar’s loss to AJ Styles, which many fans and pundits felt derailed any momentum he had at the time. However, Alexander has a different take on the matter.

Speaking to talkSPORTS on Twitter, the former Cruiserweight Champion revealed that he’s in a good position within the company, given that he was given a match against the current United States Champion in the first place.

“I read comments like, ‘Cedric is great, but they’re burying him’ but it’s like, you must have checked out the match then? It was good, right?” Alexander said. “You can’t get buried losing to AJ Styles. You just can’t. There’s a reason they’re putting me in the ring with AJ Styles.”

According to Alexander, Styles is among the “holy trinity” of performers that he considers to be the very best. The other names on the list are fellow WWE star Samoa Joe, and current AEW veteran Christopher Daniels.

Earlier this year, The Inquisitr reported that Paul Heyman is very high on Alexander. During the interview, the superstar was asked about his working relationship with the current executive director, revealing that he’s benefited by working under him.

“Talking to him and picking his brain has helped me tremendously. He’s helped me with my in-ring work, my confidence and just being more comfortable as an all-rounder. I love it.”

While Alexander has struggled to find his momentum on Monday Night Raw in recent months, it is believed that Heyman wants to slowly elevate him to the main event scene. He’s one of several Cruiserweights that Heyman is reportedly a fan of.

Alexander was drafted to Monday Night Raw during the post-WrestleMania 35 Superstar Shake-Up. Since then, he’s competed against Styles, Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Cesaro, and Shane McMahon. Most recently, he’s suffered a pair of losses to Murphy, another former 205 Live star who recently joined the red brand.

The superstar has also won championship gold on the show, having enjoyed a brief stint with the 24/7 title earlier this year. Going forward, however, he’ll be looking toward winning the United States and WWE Championships.

Perhaps Alexander isn’t the most dominant superstar on the WWE roster at the time of this writing, but he doesn’t appear to be worried about his position in the company. However, the next few months will reveal just how seriously WWE officials are about pushing him.