Mariah Carey Shakes Her Booty In Black Leather While Performing The ‘Fantasy Challenge’ On TikTok

Mariah Carey got fun and flirty in her latest TikTok video, which she decided to share to Instagram on Sunday morning. In the clip, the singer stuns as she dances around to her song “Fantasy.” The post was a part of a new challenge that’s currently sweeping the internet, which features people doing a dance routine to the song.

In the clip, Mariah comes out dancing and lip-syncing to the tune as she sports a pair of tight black pants and a cropped black leather jacket that boasted metal zippers up the sleeves and down the front.

The diva had her long, blond hair parted down the center and styled in cascading waves that fell behind her back and over her shoulders.

Mariah went all out for the dance routine as she slapped her booty and crouched down seductively while mouthing the lyrics of the song. She also donned a full face of makeup for the video, which included a shimmering glow, thick eyelashes, and black eyeliner.

The video was recorded in black and white and only lasted for a few seconds. However, Mariah’s nearly 9 million followers seemingly couldn’t get enough of the fun and flirty clip, which clocked over 93,000 views and more than 1,500 likes in the first hour after it was posted to the platform.

“Why are you so amazing!!! I can’t even with you Mariah,” one of the singer’s Instagram followers wrote in the comments section of the video.

“This is for them haters who keep saying our queen can’t dance. She’s slayinggg so hard omg,” another adoring fan gushed.

“Queen of TikTok. Queen Of Social Media. Queen of Internet Challenges. Queen of Music. Queen of Everything.,” said a third social media user.

“THE INTERNET IS BROKE DAHLING! THIS IS WHY YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!! #mimidrop,” exclaimed a fourth fan.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mariah made headlines with another fun video earlier this month. In that clip, the singer is seen going to bed in her punk rocker Halloween costume on October 31 and waking up on November 1 in her Christmas pajamas ready to celebrate the holiday season.

Mariah gets a call from Santa in the video, and answers her phone excitedly. “It’s time” she yells out as her iconic song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” plays in the background.

Mariah’s fans went wild over that post, watching the video more than 2 million times and leaving over 25,000 comments to date.