Paulina Porizkova Says She Knew She Was Cut From Husband Ric Ocasek's Will Before She Posted Loving Tributes

Paulina Porizkova says she knew Ric Ocasek cut her from his will within hours after his death in September, and that it didn't change her feelings about her longtime love at all. The supermodel, who was married to The Cars frontman for 28 years and separated from him for three, took to Instagram to set the record straight amid reports that she was unaware of the late rocker's final wishes.

Paulina posted a family photo of her, Ric, and their two sons, Jonathan and Oliver, riding bikes and scooters together during a family outing. In the caption to the post, the 54-year-old beauty recalled that she knew about Ric's will since the day after he died and that she posted loving tributes to him "in spite of that." The mom of two added a hashtag to tell her followers that love never dies.

Many of Paulina's Instagram followers posted comments to her photo to say she is the epitome of class in the aftermath of her very public loss.

"I'm sure you don't care about what's materially left behind. I'm also hoping you won't be hurt by one spiteful last act," one fan wrote.

"It's clear Ric was heartbroken about divorce and the will was updated as part of his healing process. …We've all been thru heartbreak and when we transcend this life…perhaps we see what was really important THE LOVE," another added.

"Life and love are complicated. Only you and your family know the real story. My hope is you and your boys (young men, really) are met with kindness and lovely memories," a third follower added.

"Terrible you'd even have to explain anything. No one's business. You're a class act," another fan wrote to Paulina.

Other followers said Ocasek's final act was a reflection of his character and not his wife's. The model received overwhelming support from her 111,000 followers as she shared her very personal story of the days following her estranged husband's death.

Paulina's explanatory post comes after Page Six posted excerpts from Ocasek's will, which he had updated in late August. As previously shared by The Inquisitr, the 75-year-old rock legend was separated from Paulina and removed her from his will less than a month before he died. He claimed that she had "abandoned" him and was not entitled to receive any of his belongings or money from his estate.

Paulina had been living with Ocasek in his New York home at the time of his passing, and found him dead when she was bringing his morning coffee to him. She has said that the couple's separation did not change their love for one another "one bit."