‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Lucas Washes His Hands Of Julian, But Brad Shouldn’t Get Too Confident

Valerie DurantWalt Disney Television

New General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 11 indicate that Lucas Jones will make it clear what he thinks of his biological father, Julian Jerome. These two men have had plenty of rocky moments in their relationship prior to this, but this time it seems that Lucas makes it known he has no intention of softening again.

As everybody saw over the past few episodes, Lucas’ husband, Brad Cooper, threw Julian under the bus and exposed him for his latest schemes. Lucas was so upset by everything happening, he took a step back from his husband and his father, and he had a heartfelt ghostly visit with his adoptive father, Dr. Tony Jones.

Julian approached Lucas at Tony’s gravesite at the end of Friday’s show, and General Hospital spoilers from Soap Opera Digest suggest that this upcoming conversation will get intense.

“Lucas is beside himself. He’s given Julian multiple chances, only to seemingly be let down and betrayed. His sense of trust is destroyed. Lucas feels like,’ This can’t possibly get any worse.’ He feels lost. He’s desperate,” actor Ryan Carnes explains of his character’s mindset as Julian approaches him.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Lucas will confront his father about blackmailing Brad, and Julian will admit it. Of course, Julian will be curious how Brad explained his father-in-law’s motive for doing such a thing, and he will quickly pursue answers.

Apparently, this confrontation between Lucas and Julian will be cut short. General Hospital spoilers tease that Lucas will get a phone call from Brad detailing a crisis that needs his immediate attention, so he has to walk away from Julian before anything can be settled.

According to Soap Central, Julian and Brad will cross paths in the coming week. General Hospital spoilers share that Julian will be anxious to find out how Brad pulled off exposing Julian without getting himself in trouble, too.

As viewers saw, Brad did a bit of sneaky manipulating of the secrets he’s been keeping. He told Lucas about his role in helping Dr. Liesl Obrecht in swapping Sasha Gilmore’s DNA test and said Julian had learned about it. Of course, the reality is that Julian is unhappy with Brad’s lies, and it’s the Wiley/Jonah situation that is at the heart of this battle.

Julian will demand to know what Brad told Lucas, and Brad may be stirring up a hornets’ nest here. He doesn’t want Julian to tell Lucas the full truth, but Julian may come to believe he has nothing to lose at this point.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that this dangerous dance involving Brad and Julian will carry over at least into the week of November 18 and likely for a while beyond that. Viewers are hoping that the truth about Jonah may finally be revealed as a result of this upcoming battle. It certainly sounds as if things are going to get pretty juicy in the episodes ahead.