John Travolta Posts Rare Photo Of His Son Ben, 8, In Airplane Mode

John Travolta posted a rare photo of his 8-year-old son Ben to Instagram. The 65-year-old actor shared a photo of his youngest child sitting in the cockpit of an airplane wearing a pilot’s cap as he posed with a pal amid the private plane’s many controls, buttons, and video screens. Ben looks ready for takeoff.

In the photo, the young son of Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston smiles at the cameras as he poses with his friend. Ben is the spitting image of his famous dad in the pic. The boy shares his actor father’s blazing blue eyes and wide smile.

Travolta, a seasoned pilot, captioned his new photo to joke that Ben is taking his place as a pilot for Qantas Airways. Travolta has been an ambassador for Qantas since 2002 and shares the coveted title with fellow actor Hugh Jackman, according to E! News.

The actor, whose eldest son Jet passed away in 2009 at age 16, rarely post photos with his kids Ben and Ella Blue, 19, so fans were thrilled to see the image. While one fan joked that Ben is too young to have a pilot’s license, others marveled over the voyage that lies before the privileged young child, whose father owns a fleet of private aircraft.

“How do you begin!! So many buttons,” one fan wrote.

“Looks like he has it all figured out,” another added.

“Hi folks, this is your Captain speaking….” a third fan chimed in.

“How awesome to not only have a dad who can fly a plane but owns a plane that sits on a runway at home!!” noted a fourth commenter.

The new photo of Ben is the first one that the actor has uploaded of his son since early September when he posted a family photo with Ben and Kelly for Labor Day.

While Travolta’s feed on the social media platform has never shown Ben’s love for airplanes before, it’s no surprise that the boy seems to also have a passion for his dad’s favorite hobby. Travolta himself developed a love for aviation as a young child.

In a Facebook post in August, Travolta wrote, “I have loved aviation for all my life. There is no feeling in the world quite like flying an airplane.”

It is clear that Travolta’s kids not only share his passions but favor him in the looks department. Earlier this year, Travolta’s daughter Ella Bleu was looked exactly like her dad in a photo she posted when she first joined Instagram.