‘Shameless’ Star Steve Howey Drops Two Season 10 Teasers On Instagram

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Steve Howey — as well as every other member of the Shameless core cast — has been all over social media this weekend regarding all things Gallagher. With the premiere of Season 10 airing in less than 24 hours, the entire cast is doing their part to ramp up the cult-like following by sharing teaser video clips and snapshots.

It was roughly eight hours ago that Howey, who plays Kevin Ball, took to Instagram to share two different trailer teasers of the upcoming season.

The first teaser kicked off with a massive budget breakdown hanging on the wall of the Gallagher home. Debbie (Emma Kenney) is seen talking her father Frank (William H. Macy) through her plans to budget the $50,000 Fiona (Emmy Rossum) left behind before moving away.

Debbie explained that she planned on putting a little less than half of the money up as savings. Frank, being his usual self, was quick to shoot down the idea of saving money for anything.

He insisted on knowing exactly why Debbie thought saving money for anything was so important.

The clip then transitioned to Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and his boss discussing how much things would change after the baby was born. Then, viewers see Lip driving a vehicle while Tami (Kate Miner) appears to be in labor.

Carl Gallagher (Ethan Cutkosky) and Kelly Keefe (Jess Gabor) also make a brief appearance traveling in a vehicle. Kelly hands Carl a massive container of condoms as she declares it is for a “summer of sex”

“Are you up for the challenge Gallagher?” She questions as Carl has a massive smile plastered across his face.

The trailer teaser comes to an end with two scenes featuring Frank. First, fans watch as Frank’s doctor cuts him off on getting any additional pain killer for his legs.

Then, Frank hits the streets and swipes medication from an elderly woman. The teaser concludes with the older woman yelling that Frank stole her drugs as he hobbles away with a walker.

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Tomorrow Shameless season 10! #showtime #shameless

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In just eight hours, Howey’s followers have viewed the video over 66,000 times and left more than 150 comments. Many fans were especially tickled by Frank making off with the older woman’s medication.

Those who didn’t react to the content of the teaser itself rejoiced with excitement as they waited impatiently to watch the Season 10 premiere.

Steve Howey also posted a second video to his profile promoting the Season 10 Premiere shortly after the first one. The video featured a lot of behind-the-scenes clips of various members of the cast.

The behind-the-scenes clips included cast members discussing how “wild” it was to be a part of something that was entering Season 10.

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Back tomorrow @shameless @showtime

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Howey’s second video had significantly less attention than his first with just 20,000 views and 74 comments. Those who did comment on the second video, however, were thrilled to tune into the Season 10 premiere.

“Ahhhhhhh im screaming!!!!! I love this show so f*cking much,” one follower exclaimed.

Another chimed in, “I love shameless I have already watched season 9 like a thousand times and it is really good.”

“Oh my heck you guys look like you genuinely have so much fun together,” a third added.

As The Inquisitr has mentioned in previous stories regarding Shameless, the Season 10 Premieres tomorrow night only on Showtime. Those with a subscription to the streaming service will be able to find the episode just after midnight in the library.