Conservative Anchor To Jeff Sessions: ‘Where Are Your Balls?’

Justin SullivanGetty Images

On Saturday, conservative CNN anchor S.E. Cupp ripped into former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, reports Raw Story.

During a segment of her show, Unfiltered, Cupp reminded the former attorney general — who is running for the United States Senate seat he once held in Alabama — of how President Donald Trump treated him while he served in the administration.

The host reminded Sessions that reports claim the president insulted and belittled him, both in public and in private meetings.

“President Trump called him weak, confused, ineffective and allegedly called him a dumb southerner and according to The New York Times, an idiot to his face,” she said, before playing Sessions’ first campaign advertisement.

The ad has been described as a public apology to Trump, given that it shows Sessions pointing out that he left the administration without causing trouble. Commentators have suggested that Sessions “begs Trump for mercy” in the video, and appears concerned about being attacked by the president.

Sessions left the administration after recusing himself from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference, which angered the president, who has since publicly belittled and attacked him.

Reports also indicate that Trump is not over what he appears to see as a major betrayal, and that he will not back Sessions under any circumstances.

After the video ended, Cupp continued her monologue, calling the advertisement “pathetic.”

The anchor pointed out that Sessions is not the first prominent Republican to “grovel at the feet of the president” after being insulted and humiliated.

She noted that Senators Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul have all received intense criticism and insults from Trump, only to end up throwing their full support behind him.

The president called Paul a “narcissist,” shared Graham’s personal phone number on television, and insulted Cruz’s wife while mocking his father, Cupp reminded her viewers.

“And yet, all three have lined up behind Trump to shield him from oversight and defend his regular abuses of power,” she said.

“You know what I just want to say to Jeff Sessions?” Cupp asked.

“Where are your balls, sir? Where are your balls?”

Although a conservative and a Republican, Cupp is a fierce Trump critic. She does not shy away from taking aim at Republicans in Congress either.

In October, for instance, Cupp urged the Trump’s Republican allies to reconsider their support for him, arguing that the president’s actions regarding Ukraine are unacceptable, if not impeachable.

According to Cupp, Republicans who still support Trump need to ask themselves, “How much longer do they keep saying this was OK?”