Faith Evans Gets Candid About Stevie J & Raising Her Autistic Son In ‘Uncensored’ Sneak Peek

In an unlisted sneak peek of TV One’s Uncensored uploaded to YouTube, singer Faith Evans gets candid about some ups and downs in her life, her relationship with her husband, Stevie J, and raising a child with autism.

“When I was working on my King and I album, I wanted to work with some of the people that actually worked with [Notorious B.I.G] and had some of the masters that I couldn’t get a hold of…and he had a lot of them,” Evans explained at the beginning of the sneak preview.

According to Faith, Stevie J put an incredible amount of effort into begging and pleading with her to go out on a date. She admitted that she initially wasn’t into the idea.

Evans added that in addition to pleading with her, he also reached out to some of her close friends. He explained to her friends that he’d been in love with her for a long time and just wanted a chance. In time, Stevie was able to win her over. She claimed to have “melted a little bit” because of his efforts.

The singer was not interested in playing games or being in a pointless relationship.

Evans continued to reveal that the relationship didn’t work out at first because he wasn’t ready to be in one, so, she split.

“She kicked me to the curb one time, and that’s what made me lace up my boots and do all the right things,” Stevie chimed in, echoing Faith.

Faith, however, felt it was important to clarify they were never in some sort of on again, off again relationship. She described everything as happening pretty quickly.

A lot of Faith’s close friends and family members had a hard time accepting the relationship in the beginning. She noted that she had some outright ask her if she was serious about being in a relationship with Stevie.

Things got a little more complicated for the lovebirds when they got married. Faith explained this was especially true when her 12-year-old son, who has autism, was added to the mix.

According to Stevie, raising a child on the spectrum is “a lot” for any parent to handle.

Faith revealed that she and Stevie had handled a wealth of problems revolving around her autistic son, Ryder. She recalled suing a school district, spending an incredible amount of time searching for the right school, and making the decision to start a school on their own when they weren’t really finding places they believe satisfied their son’s needs properly.

“How [Stevie] came in and has always loved Ryder and has been so supportive in helping me make the right decisions with him, that’s A1,” Faith added as she gushed about how fantastic it was that Stevie embraced assisting her in raising her autistic son with open arms.

The preview clip concludes with Faith noting that Stevie’s support and compassion with her son, despite his unique challenges, is one huge thing about him that people notice and appreciate.