Anthony Scaramucci Says Former White House Staffers Will Turn On Donald Trump En Masse As He Has ‘No Loyalty’

Ben GabbeGetty Images

Anthony Scaramucci believes that dozens of former White House staffers are prepared to turn on Donald Trump due to the president’s lack of loyalty to anyone other than himself.

The former White House communications director appeared on MSNBC on Saturday, launching a new attack on his former boss for not showing loyalty to those who work for him. Trump has famously demanded total loyalty from his employees and those close to him, but critics say that Trump has been quick to cast aside those who backed him.

As Newsweek noted, Scaramucci picked up that line of criticism. When anchor Richard Liu quoted Robert De Niro who said that if Trump were a gangster, he is “not a very good one,” Scaramucci agreed that Trump has created enemies through his personal lack of loyalty.

“He has no loyalty to anybody. He would dispatch anybody in a minute and I think whether you’re a gangster or CEO or somebody that knows how to build a team. You can’t be like that,” Scaramucci said.

“He’s had 85 people leave the White House and those people are going to start turning on him,” the ex-White House communications director said. “He’s the Teflon Don for right now, but even the Teflon Don got snagged in the end.”

While his time in the White House ended after less than two weeks, Scaramucci has largely avoided Trump’s public wrath. Even though Scaramucci has repeatedly attacked President Trump in recent months, Trump has been largely quiet toward Scaramucci, unlike he has with many other critics.

Scaramucci may be part of bringing former staffers together to oppose the president. As The Hill reported, Scaramucci announced back in August that he was assembling former Trump cabinet members to speak out against the president as he tried to recruit a Republican challenger to Trump in 2020. Scaramucci, who was once one of Trump’s most vocal critics on the right as Trump first launched his 2016 campaign but eventually became an equally vocal backer, has said many times that he believes Trump is now mentally unstable and unfit to hold office.

At the time, Scaramucci said that in the “middle or late fall” there would be a “trove of people” who come together to speak out against the president. It is not clear if the 85 number he mentioned on the MSNBC appearance is related to this prediction. Scaramucci also did not say specifically who he would be targeting to speak out against Trump.