Major And Minor TV Shows Already Canceled This Fall

Each year, dozens of new television shows hit the small screen in the fall season, and most of them don't get renewed for a second season. Another unsurprising trend is the cancelation of popular television shows after mediocre runs on cable networks. There have already been a handful of shows given the ax that will not continue into their next season and while some are surprising, others are not.

CinemaBlend reported on these recent fall television cancelations which follow a long list of shows already given the boot in the last month. One show that made headlines for its cancelation was in its first season, and it looks like Fox's BH90210 will not be returning to the small screen no matter how much fans might want it. The excitement for the reboot wore off pretty quickly after ratings dropped episode by episode. The show lost 60 percent of its demo ratings after the premiere episode and it looks like fans didn't want the show as badly as they thought they did.

NBC's Sunnyside was also given the boot after just one season, and this might not come as a surprise to many who probably have never even heard of it. The show was hardly advertised for, despite having Kal Penn as the star of the show. Sunnyside was pulled after four episodes and was replaced with the final season of Will & Grace.

Viewers will also be saying goodbye to NBC's newest procedural drama, Bluff City Law. CinemaBlend has noted that the show has not officially been canceled yet, but NBC did announce that production would wrap after the 10 episodes the network ordered were complete. An official cancelation is expected to be announced any day. The Jimmy Smits series hasn't resonated with viewers, likely because NBC is full of procedural dramas that already have their very loyal fanbases.

Freeform's Cloak and Dagger has been canceled after two seasons and follows in a long line of Marvel cable shows to get cut short. Ratings dropped by 40 percent by the time the second season rolled around, enough for executives to decide to bury it.

AMC's Lodge49 starring Wyatt Russell had decent reviews from critics but the show just didn't grab the viewers and fans it needed to get a second season. AMC has become known for delivering high-quality shows that are discovered by viewers when it's just too late.

The Suits spinoff Pearson over on USA was also a major dud after fans of the original series weren't interested in seeing what happened with Jessica Pearson. The new show was the lowest-rated scripted series ever on the network.

Perhaps the most shocking of all the fall cancelations is Fresh Off the Boat from ABC. The show made it an impressive six seasons but ratings for the series dropped every season, even after the network shifted around its scheduling. Luckily, Randall Park and Constance Wu have made names for themselves since the show debuted and won't struggle with finding work anytime soon.