Chanel West Coast Claps Back At Sharon Stone After Actress Files Lawsuit Against Her

Frazer Harrison. Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Chanel West Coast recently shared her thoughts on the lawsuit that Sharon Stone filed against her, and it seems that the rapper is throwing more than a little shade at the 61-year-old actress. As TMZ reports, Sharon is suing Chanel for using her likeness in the video for the rapper’s 2018 song, “Sharon Stoned.” The clip recreates scenes from Basic Instinct, arguably Sharon’s most iconic movie role.

Chanel told TMZ that the video was meant to be a tribute to Sharon and seemed to imply that the actress should be grateful that she introduced a younger audience to her past work.

“I don’t think there’s any reason for her to be suing me,” she said.

“I actually think I did something nice for her, in a way. I have young friends who when I made the song didn’t even know who she was. So, in a way, I’ve kinda made her relevant to some young people again”

During the interview, Chanel also alleged that Sharon was aware that the video was being shot and had agreed to be in it at first, but changed her mind at the last minute. Chanel claims that she actually lost money as a result because she ended up having to pay hair and makeup people for Sharon’s glam, even though she never showed up.

The rapper said that she is not suing the actress for those expenses.

“I think I’m the one that’s been hurt,” Chanel added.

The video for “Sharon Stoned” has just over 770,000 views on YouTube. The likes and the dislikes ratio is almost equal, however.

“I think all the views are from people who wanted to see how bad this sucked,” reads the most liked comment under the video.

Another commenter indicated that they were only watching because they’d seen the news about the lawsuit. The comment has 500 likes.

At various points in the clip, Chanel wears slicked-back ash-blonde hair and a curve-hugging, sleeveless, white turtleneck dress, a replica of Sharon’s most memorable outfit from Basic Instinct. The “New Bae” rapper also recreated the infamous interrogation scene where the actress’ character, Catherine Tramell, uncrosses and crosses her legs to reveal that she isn’t wearing any underwear beneath the dress.

Sharon filed the lawsuit on Monday, Page Six reports, and is suing for unspecified damages. In the filing, she states that rapper uses her first name an full name “gratuitously” during the song and calls for a “preliminary and permanent injunction” against the video and the track.