Jana Duggar And Her Father Jim Bob Are Twinning In Photo Snapped During Work Trip

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Jana Duggar and her father, Jim Bob, sported matching clothing during a recent work trip. On Saturday, Jana took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her unlikely fashion twin, and she revealed that she and her dad were visiting the East Coast.

In the photo that Jana Duggar, 29, uploaded, she and Jim Bob, 54, are both wearing shiny brown puffer coats. Their warm outwear appears to be almost identical, but Jim Bob’s jacket is quite a bit larger than Jana’s snug coat. The father of 19 is pictured with his arm extended so that he can snap a selfie of himself and his oldest daughter, and the duo is posing in front of a somewhat desolate backdrop. They’re standing on a sandy beach with a few scraggly plants and a partially-buried fence behind them. The sky is cloudy and gray, and there are no other people on the beach. Rolling white waves are also visible in the distance.

It’s not unusual for female members of the Duggar family to rock matching clothing, as evidenced by a photo that Jinger Duggar recently shared on her Instagram page. In that snapshot, she and Jana were wearing similar denim jackets. However, it’s rare to see a male and female members of the Duggar clan sporting matching clothing, unless they’re wearing the same t-shirts.

A few of Jana Duggar’s followers responded to her Instagram post by commenting on her and her father’s coats, while others suggested that the family members’ resemblance doesn’t end with their matching outfits.

“Wait are you guys twinning,” wrote one fan.

“Matching jackets!!” another commented.

“Jana you really look like your dad!” read a third remark.

“Never realised before how alike you are,” a fourth admirer wrote.

Jana and Jim Bob’s father-daughter jackets proved to be rather popular, with Jana’s picture garnering 43,000 likes over the course of two hours. However, her post also presented fans with two big mysteries. She wrote that her photo was taken on the East Coast, but she didn’t reveal her exact location. This led to numerous fans taking to the comments section of her post to make their best guesses about where she and Jim Bob were at. Jana also wrote that she and Jim Bob were on “a work trip,” which had her followers asking her what type of work they were doing.

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Happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful Dad in the whole WORLD! ???? . My Dad is the one who has taught me so many skills—from tiling floors, basic plumbing & electrical, painting, and car maintenance, to how to get the best deals. He taught me how to drive, helped me buy my first car, and has let me try my hand at design on his different real estate projects... even if it means spending a little more time and money to correct something I’ve messed up on (sometimes we learn by trial and error). ???? Dad has taught me so much as we work on different projects! Whether it’s designing a home or business space, picking out paint colors, flooring, windows or doors, he’s the mastermind, and I love learning from him and doing projects together with him!! ???? . Dad is a giver. Always giving of his own goods and supplies without expecting anything in return. He’s the first one to start a party no matter the occasion. ???? He’s the one that pushes us out of our “comfort zone” (for which I am grateful.... at times.) ???? We all need one of those people in our lives! He is quick to ask for forgiveness. He is a humble man. A man of patience, kindness, compassion, determination, strong. He is the one that leads our family and points us to Christ no matter the circumstance. He’s my Daddy and I’m his little girl. Couldn’t have prayed for a better Dad and can only hope to find a man like him to marry someday!! . Daddy—Happy Father’s Day from your little girl! I love you so much! ❤️ @duggarfam

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Jana Duggar didn’t answer any questions about the nature of their work, but she did drop a hint about the location of their photo in her Instagram stories. She revealed that she ate at a Paula Dean’s Family Restaurant during their trip, and the eatery’s only location on the East Coast is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Fans will just have to stay tuned to see if Jana reveals why she and Jim Bob were there.