Cindy McCain Says Her Late Husband Would Be 'Disgusted' With Current Republican Party

Ryan Ledendecker

Cindy McCain, wife of the late Republican Sen. John McCain, reportedly said during a CNN interview set to air on Saturday evening that her husband would be "disgusted" at what's happening within the Republican party at the current time.

According to The Hill, McCain hinted that the current turmoil within the ranks of the GOP, presumably with regard to the open impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump and the resulting actions by his Republican allies, would have upset her husband, who passed away in 2018 from brain cancer.

"I think he'd be disgusted with some of the stuff that's going on," McCain said. "I think John provided a lot of cover for other members. And when he would do it, then they could get behind him kind of thing. And I'm not seeing that."

McCain was asked why she thinks so many Congressional Republicans aren't speaking out against Trump and she explained that in her opinion, it's all because they don't want to harm their chances of being re-elected in 2020, although she indicated that at some point, lines have to be drawn.

"I understand what it means to get reelected. But at some point, you have to do what you were elected to do, and that is represent the country, as well as your local people," said McCain. "But I think John would be — I know he'd be terribly upset by this whole thing."

As Newsweek reported, McCain's interview, which will be shown during CNN's Axe Files, also included a question about former Vice President Joe Biden, a longtime family friend of the McCains. She was asked about her thoughts on the 2020 Democratic front-runner, saying that while their politics were different, that he is a "lovely man" and that their friendship transcends politics.

After admitting that she was troubled by Trump's public attacks on Biden and his family, McCain was asked by show host David Axelrod if she would vouch for Biden's integrity, to which she answered that she would.

At the time, the president had railed against the deceased, decorated war hero by attacking his position on Obamacare and leveled an accusation that he leaked a dossier alleging ties between Trump's 2016 campaign and Russia.

He also took a shot at McCain's early military service, saying he was "last in his class" while he attended the U.S. Naval Academy.