Savannah Chrisley Reflects On The 'Best Decision' Of Her Life

Savannah Chrisley shared a raw and candid post on Instagram with her 2 million followers yesterday as she opened up about what she referred to as the "best decision" she's ever made in her life.

According to the introduction of the very lengthy caption of her post, it was on November 8, 2015 that she made a decision that changed her entire life for the better.

For those unsure of what event the Chrisley Knows Best star is referring to, The Blast clarifies this was the day Savannah declared her commitment and faith to the lord. She did so in front of a massive audience. And, in front of God.

The 22-year-old blonde shared a collage that featured her brother Chase submerging her into the baptismal waters.

The collage contained four photos including one before she went into the water, one immediately after he pulled his sister out of the water, one with her dripping wet as she looked at her brother, and a fourth photo with her embracing her brother and crying.

In the caption, Savannah proceeded to list all of the reasons she was thankful for her faith and commitment to the lord. She noted that she was thankful for his forgiveness and for all the times he helped her find her way back to the right path. She thanked the Lord for always being there for her when no one else was.

She thanked the lord for "all these blessings" despite her mistakenly taking some of them for granted. She thanked the Lord for inspiration, spirituality, chances, lessons, love, and support.

Savannah thanked the Lord for providing her with a "reason to wake up every day."

She also said thanks for health, shelter, food, and honesty.

Her emotional Instagram post was well-received by her followers as they showered it with just shy of 150,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments. Her mother, Julie Chrisley, was one of the first 150,000 people to like the moving Instagram post.

Many of her followers were quick to take to the comments to celebrate the anniversary and commend her on everything she's done since that day.

"I can't believe it was 4 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday!! Proud of you friend. We are all a work in progress in need of God's daily grace. Keep moving forward in Gods purposes. Happy anniversary!" One follower penned in a comment that has been liked just shy of 250 times.

Responding to the comment above, Savannah revealed the individual was the photographer who took the photos.

"Everything you just said spoke to my heart. That's exactly the way I feel with Christ as my Lord and Savior, and I couldn't have said it better myself. I was rebaptized last year on a whim. I felt called to do it so I did," another follower added.